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Tributes to Marich Man Singh Shrestha

The demise of the nationalist leader, former Panchayat era premier, Marich Man Singh Shrestha, is an irreplaceable loss for the nationalist forces and the nation. His demise has evoked strong sentiments from all patriotic individuals from all sectors:
True nationalist (led the nation during the economic embargo imposed by Rajiv Gandhi in 1989) former prime minister of Nepal Mr. Marichman Singh Shrestha is no more amongst us. Let’s not be stingy in giving him the honour he deserves, although the state did not remember him when he was alive.
-Kishor Shrestha, journalist
Nationalist Marichman!
It is surprising to note that Shrestha, who was treated as a villain for two and a half decades, was respected as a strong nationalist at the time when he was in a dying stage!
This is because, his centre-point of nationalism was monarchy….   
Many years ago, I had an opportunity to interview him. At that time, he had remarked: “The king is also selfish, we, the leaders are also selfish. Our interests are for the power and the post of the prime minister. Once, they are achieved, our interests are served. But the king’s interest is to secure the throne for his grand sons. Therefore, on the issue of the nation and nationalism, we, the leaders, have short vision whereas the king has a long-term vision.”
“In 1989, when the people’s movement was taking momentum, at the condition of safeguarding the panchayat system, Indians had put forward some conditions to King Birendra aimed at taking control over our national sovereignty. If the King had accepted these conditions, the panchayat system would not have ended. But the king said that it is better to surrender to the people rather than surrender to India.”
Rabindra Mishra, Journalist
The family members, relatives and the well wishers of former Prime Minister Marich Man Singh rejected the offer of the government with accusations of it being not enough and insulting.
Singh has been saying that he is not anti-Indian and that he only opposed Indian efforts directed at injuring Nepal’s sovereignty by establishing its monopoly on Nepal’s natural resources and security through blockade.
Yuvraj Ghimire, Journalist
Marich Man ‘top five’ Prime Minister
2046 B.S is a difficult period in the history of Nepal. For Marich Man Singh as the Panchayat era Prime Minister it was a testing time. India had imposed an economic blockade on the one side while there were agitators on the other side fighting for power transfer. Singh in such a time with understanding fought with both the problems effectively.
Kamal Thapa, chair, RPPN
Democracy would not have been established if Marich Man Singh had not left his position. If there was no democracy ‘Loktantra’ would not have been established and if there was no ‘Loktantra’ there would not have been republic and if republic had not been established the political parties would not have failed. Then the Khil Raj government would not have been formed with the support of the unsuccessful parties. The Khil Raj government disgraced Singh with complete understanding of its God, creator, donour, guardian and custodian.
Udaya Bhatta
We don’t have the physical body of former Prime Minister Marich Man Singh, a bright star of the nationalist side. The nationalist side remembering him will feel the irreplaceable loss. Although we do not have the physical presence of Shreshtha, the depth of his thoughts will remain forever!
Congruent Front of Nepal (CFN)
Rest in Peace late PM Singh, and condolences to his family. Due to your nationalist contribution, Nepalese people will never forget you Mr. Singh!
Sitaram Baral, Journalist
After the fall of the Panchayat system, Marich Man did not run any party, nor did he wear the fake mask of Loktantra and he did not harm anyone!
Bharat Dahal
 Marichman may have his weaknesses but did he betray the nation so as to receive this insult? Think without any prejudice associated with personal, party and self interest, should he really be deprived of such honour?
Purushottam Giri
Just back from Arjyaghat, Pashupatinath after paying last respects to former PM Marich Man-ji. Among highlights: a vast and diverse crowd of mourners were present, young and old, male and female, well-off types and not so well off people. One common refrain: they confessed they came to honour the memory of a truly nationalist Nepali leader.
A group of armed police, I overheard, complained about their orders to provide a gun-salute. When I joined them in conversation subsequently, they frankly emphasized that a Nepal Army contingent should have done the honors, not themselves. A couple of them even ridiculed the fact that the Nepal Army had done so for ‘terrorist’ Ram Raja Prasad Singh!
Finally, when Marich Man-ji’s last remains were laid to rest on the pyre, the crowds broke out into spontaneous and repeated chanting: “policeko samman chaidhaina” and so on.
Doubt very much that our ‘Right to Information’ wallahs will give due electronic and print media coverage to this important news event.
Mana Ranjan Josse
The people challenged the decision of the Khil Raj government and stopped and chased away the police band from giving honour to great nationalist leader late Marich Man Singh Shrestha. Nationalist agitation’s pioneer Kamal Thapa laid the national flag on the body to honour the leader on behalf of the people. This will give lasting peace to Shrestha’s soul. Jaya Pride!
Rajaram Bartaula
The former PM, Marishman Singh Shrestha was a true nationalist. He was a very dedicated personality regarding national issues of Nepal and the royal institution.
Dirgharaj Prasai
Tribute to Marich Man Singh Shrestha! And condolences to family members!
Gopal Budhathoki, Journalist
Marich Dai my remembrance to you for every life. ‘Mandale’ but a full-fledged nationalist.
Chandra Kharel
One who did not let Nepal become Bhutan
Marichman government’s Home Minister Niranjan Thapa said, “The Palace would not have been in a position to stop him had he decided to submit to India. He was ready to pay any cost to not allow Nepal become another Bhutan.”
Kiran Bhandari
At least there was someone who could have amassed chunks of money, but he did not do that. I hope he will inspire someone in future to the belief that you can live a life without money. No one knows how long you would have lived if you had amassed some extra money abusing your power and public trust. At least, people have shown some respect to you as you were not one like them.
GS Pokharel
When I remember him I remember the song, ‘Pokhari ma janmi takura ma hurki ma jhukdai najhukne Nepal ko choro (I am the son of Nepal, born in the pond and brought up on the peaks, who never bows). My chest is filled with pride. There are those who live after death and who write history.
Rabindra Kumar Khadka
Our political parties hesitate to support a patriotic person even when he is on his death bed just because there is ideological difference. For how long will they refuse to recognize the fact that others are trying to use it and own it? Regardless, tribute to late Marich Man.
Dirgharaj Karki
After resigning from the post of Prime Minister Marich Man lived in rented rooms. He could not build a house in Kathmandu although he remained in coveted posts for almost two and a half decades.
He ended his days in rented rooms when he built a one storey house after buying land in Dhapasi in those inexpensive days.
Nil Kantha Sharma
The death of nationalist leader former Prime Minister Marich Man Singh is an irreparable national loss. I pray for the eternal peace of the departed soul. Condolences to the bereaved family members.
Govinda Subedi
There are two faces of Marichman (1) A Pancha villain who used force to suppress the agitators during the decisive uprising against the Panchayat system; (2) The nationalist who took a stance during the Nepal-India Trade and Transit Treaty, banned unnecessary expenditure during Bratabandha, Pasni and other social programmes; and arrested Dhirendra’s ADC Bharat Gurung and the then IGP D.B Lama and tried them.
Pushparaj Poudel Jeewanta
The nation could have at least honoured Marich Man Singh after his death. Singh did not compromise with any Gods regarding Nepal’s nationality and integrity.
He has not handed over Mahakali, Koshi or any other natural resources and sovereignty. So Marich Man’s photo should not be kept in the line with your (other PMs) photos.
Krishna Timalsina
(Excerpts from Facebook status)

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