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Loktantra still on bumpy road 11 years after its establishment

  • Published on: May 22, 2016

  • By Our Reporter -It has been 11 years since the April Uprising of 2006, also known as the second Janaandolan, that culminated in the abolishment of the monarchy and turning a Hindu Kingdom into secular republic. Ten years after the political movement staged by the Nepali Congress-led seven-party alliance and backed by the armed Maoists as well the external forces, the country managed to produce a new constitution through the Constituent Assembly. Though it was believed that after the promulgation of the new constitution political transition would come to an end, in reality it has further deepened the crisis. It was evident from the Madhes movement fully backed and supported by our southern neighbour that brought life across country into standstill for months after the promulgation of new constitution in September last year. People suffered more and the national integrity got weakened after India imposed a blockade against Nepal in the support of the agitating and unpopular Madhesi leaders.
    Of course, in 11 years after the establishment of Loktantra, Nepal got further weakened in almost all spheres. Anarchy has become an order of the day. Law and order situation worsened further. Above all, sovereignty and national integrity have come under attack while corruption practices have become more rampant. People cannot get a work done in the government offices without bribing the employees. Nepal’s meaningful presence in the international forum has become zero. Instead, Nepal has turned into a playground for the international forces as the politicians miserably failed to run the state affairs properly.
    Indeed, federalism, republicanism and secularism were not the demand of the political movement of 2006. But when the leaders deceitfully inserted these provisions in the interim constitution at the instruction of international players and southern neighbour, they bred more problems. The recent crisis is obviously due to the provision of federalism, which was not a home-grown demand. Things suggest that the nation will suffer more in the days to come due to federalism and it may also result in the disintegration of the nation in the long run. Signs to this direction were apparent during the Madhesh movement in which over 50 people were killed.
    Ousting of monarchy only bred more kings with different political interest and different masters. In 11 years of Loktantrik period, Nepal saw eight prime ministers and eight governments. The period was most unstable politically. The parties broke and new parties with communal ideologies mushroomed. But when the wise people punished them in the elections, they resorted to violence in the support of our southern neighbour. When the parties having less than 60 seats in the 600-member parliament dared to challenge the constitution approved by 90 per cent of the people’s representatives, one can easily guess how weak the political base has become after 2006.
    Not only in the political front, the 11 years of Loktanatrik period were worse in other fronts. The national economy has been at doldrums, cultures are on attack while the social harmony and tolerance have been disturbed. In 11 years, we have only incompetent governments as none of them could fulfill the need for which they were formed. Yes, the Sushil-Koirala led government could produce constitution, but it could not avoid damages caused due to the constitution. The present government has miserably failed to initiate reconstruction drive even a year after the devastating earthquake. Loktantantra has of course caused more damages to the nation over the years.
    What is the remedy then? Restoration of monarchy and scrapping of the provisions of federalism and secularism are the only remedies. The parties should be ready to return to the pre-2004 situation to address all the political problems bred in 11 years. Otherwise, there is a high risk of losing national integrity.



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