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Declaring Nepal secular was not a legitimate act

  • Published on: May 24, 2016

  • As a person of Nepali origin, I found interesting the idea of Tilak Shrestha on Hindu Rastra Nepal. I fully agree with Shrestha that declaring Nepal secular was not a legitimate act, it was imposed without democratic procedures and with no mandate from the Nepali people. In fact, the secularism was conspired, instigated and inspired by non Nepalis. In democracy, majority prevails and higher decision of national interest is made by referendum, or people’s vote. This kind of major national policy is not dictated on the majority by handful of so-called leaders on foreign advice.
    It is a shame for Nepalis to have to request Indian Prime Minister Mr. Modi to undo secularism and let Nepal become Hindu Rastra again. It is strange but true, ever since Anglo Nepal war of 1814 -16 Nepali politics has been influenced by the southern neighbor.
    Historically, since so-called Treaty of Sugauli until Jung Bahadur Rana took control, Nepal and British India shared uneasy relationship. Junga Bahadur and his nephew and grand nephews, under the circumstance of that era, understood that it was beyond Nepal’s capacity to fight the British India as they had become much superior militarily and had conquered most of South Asia. Pleasing the British and keep them in good humour became the policy of rulers in Nepal for more than a century.
    After the British left India in 1947, India got rid of colonialism. Unfortunately, however, Britain did not return Nepali territory they occupied after 1816.The British had merged Nepali territory in India, India continues to occupy Nepali land until now. Bold and courageous Nepali leadership have not developed and emerged to claim lost Nepali land, thus far. Leaders in India are aware of this and they are guilty of the fact.
    In my opinion, India has played a vital role to abolish monarchy, declare Nepal a secular, federal state and politics of ethnicity etc. India’s Nepal policy is “divide and rule”. Create communal unrest, infighting between different region, cast, race etc in Nepal are India’s hidden agenda. It seems India’s long term plan is to turn Nepal into Sikkim. This is what the previous Indian Governments have done. Therefore, if Nepalis want to remain a proud independent nation, Nepalis should remind what happened in the past and if PM Modi believes in democracy and cares for good relation with Nepali people, he should correct the wrong policies of India rather than Nepali leaders requesting him to reinstate status of Hindu Rastra in Nepal.
    Uttam B. Khatri
    Silver Spring, MD, USA


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