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‘Sammy Adventures’ on Youtube

  • Published on: June 15, 2016

  • Adventure

    Packed with action and adventure, ‘Sammy Adventures’ is a webepisode that shows how beautiful our country is and all that it has to offer.
    Hosted, produced and directed by SamriddhiRai (Sammy), the eight-part web series on YouTube is quickly gaining popularity since the first episode was uploaded on May 26.
    The episodes consist of 13 adventures shot in seven locations across Nepal. In the first episode of the series‘Chasing the Chitlang Cheese,’ she takes viewers to places like the Indrasarover reservoir in Kulekhani and Chitlang where she samples the delicious local wine and cheese.
    The second episode was uploaded on June 2 whereviewers will see her riding a bike from Mustang to Muktinath via Marpha and Kagbeni. In this episode she already has over 20,000 views. The most recent episode is ‘Bhotekoshi for the Brave’ where she indulges in different adventure sports like bungee, swing and rafting.
    The videos are short (just around 10 to 14 minutes) and interspersed with little commentaries and interviews with local people which keep things interesting.
    These videos are sure to make you want to grab your bags and go out looking for adventure. So watch ‘Sammy Adventures’ on YouTube, may be you could make a video of your own adventure and show it to the world in You Tube.


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