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Prakash A Raj’s travelogues: Mero Sahityik Yatra Ra PEN Nepal

  • Published on: June 16, 2016

  • By Our Reporter
    3D-Book-Template copyPrakash A Raj, a creative writer, also known as a commentator on history as well as on contemporary issues, has brought out a collection of his travelogues in the course of attending the Congress of PEN International held in different countries, “Mero Sahityik Yatra Ra PEN Nepal” [My literary journeys and PEN Nepal]).
    From 2004 to 2015, Raj was the Secretary of PEN Nepal Chapter, an international association of the Poets, Essayists and Novelists. During his tenure as a secretary of the Nepal Chapter, he had the opportunity to visit nine countries in the course of attending the PEN International Congress and seminar. They are: Norway, Slovenia, Germany, Serbia, Suth Korea, Kirgizstan, Colombia and Canada.
    During the Pen International Congress, he had the opportunity to meet with many internationally renowned authors including Nobal Prize winners Le Clezio (France), Syynika (Nigeria), Gunthar Grass (Germany) and Nadine Gordimer (South Africa).
    After every visit, he has written a piece describing about the journey and activities of the PEN International. Such recollections were published in literary periodicals Garima, Madhupark and Sharada. The present publication is the compilation of the articles published in the above mentioned periodicals.
    While going through his recollections, one can enjoy not only the activities of the PEN International, but the author’s experience about the particular country on social, economic, political, cultural issues as well. Furthermore, one can enjoy details about his journey and transit to different countries. The publication is thus informative as well as educative for the readers.
    The writer has cited that the PEN International is an organization which is globally voicing for freedom of the writers. Participants from poor countries receive travel expenses from different INGOs. He had the opportunity to attend the PEN International Congress under the sponsorship of the British Embassy here.
    The book, published by Nabin Publications in 2073 BS, is priced Rs 200.oo


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