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When uneducated Oli meets highly educated Bhattarai

  • Published on: June 16, 2016

  • Just recently, Baburam Bhattarai, who holds a PhD degree from the Jwaharlal Nehru University, New Delhi, India, had remarked that the Prime Minister is an uneducated person. It is true that Oli holds the formal certificate of SLC only. It is also true that Oli was jailed for many years. Also it is true that Oli can speak English fluently, better than many of the political leaders. Oli claims that he held informal education when he was in jail.
    After the remarks by Bhattarai, Oli had not made any comment in public. However, when Bhattarai frequently phoned to Oli requesting him to attend the Naya Shakti party’s launching programme, Oli got the chance to give proper reply, “Would it be better to be present at the ceremony of the highly educated personalities by an undereducated person!”
    So far, Oli showed his big heart by attending the launching ceremony of Bhattarai’s party!


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