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Japanese grant assistance for the project for human resource development scholarship

  • Published on: July 13, 2016

  • Japan-flag-wallpaper-12The Government of Japan has decided to extend a GrantAssistance up to two three hundred andsix million Nepalese Rupees (NRs.306,000,000) to the Government of Nepal for the implementation of the Project for Human Resource Development Scholarship (JDS) in Japan’s Fiscal Year 2016.

    In this context on 1stJuly, 2016, the Exchange of Notes has been signed and exchanged between Mr. Masashi OGAWA, Ambassador of Japan to Nepal and Mr.LokDarshanRegmi, Secretary, Ministry of Finance, Government of Nepal, on behalf of their respective governments.

    This JDS Scheme was first introduced inUzbekistan and Laos in 2000 and Nepalis the 15th countryto receive JDS. These scholarships are designed to support human asset development in friendly nations through Japan accepting highly capable, energetic, and young government officials to study two years in a Japanese university. After studying two years in a Japanese university and obtaining a Master’s Degree, it is anticipated that these officials go on to become future leaders for the development for their respective countries.The second objective of the JDS Scheme is to strengthen partnerships between recipient countries and Japan by utilizing human relation chains.

    Twenty officers from the Government of Nepal,who passed the three competitive selection processes, were selected for JDS Scholarship in Japan’s Fiscal Year 2016. They will leave for Japan in this August. In their respective universitiesthey will major in economic policy; industrial development policy;development of human resources and administrativecapacity of civil servants; building of international relations, or improvement of the legal and judicial system.

    The Japanese Government expects thatall the recipients not only succeed in obtaining a Master’s Degree, but also contribute to the earthquake reconstruction in Nepal by acquiringa wide range of knowledge about disaster preventionin Japan, anearthquake resilient country.In addition, it is expected that theseofficers will play a pivotal role in Nepal in future and will contribute to strengthening friendship and cooperation between Japan and Nepal.


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