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Major parties towards serious confrontation

  • Published on: July 20, 2016

  • 09072016082239Untitled-1-1000x0By Our Political Reporter
    After Speaker Omshari Ghartimagar suspended all the house business including endorsement of the Budget for the new fiscal year, the alliance government led by KP Sharma Oli has become very angry with the Maoist Center. Ghartimagar adjourned the House until 20 July with the purpose of moving forward the no-confidence motion against PM Oli instead of endorsing  the Budget. UML believes that Ghartimagar, under the party’s instruction, decided to delay all the house business until no-confidence motion has been endorsed.
    PM Oli, on Monday’s meeting with Maoist Center’s chairman Pushpakamal Dahal and NC president  Sher Bahadur Deuba, has given a strong message that whether the NC and MC alliance wants to go for confrontation or develop consensus among the big three parties! He said that as the no-confidence motion had already been registered in the House, then why were they demanding for his resignation! Oli asked the NC and MC supremo to respect the constitution and suggested to break the knot in the constitution to pave the way for a new government to be elected from the Parliament. Oli believes that although the House can discuss on the no-confidence motion there is no provision of formation of a new government as per the constitution. On the other hand, Deuba and Dahal have claimed that the Parliament regulation has the provision of electing another PM even during the transitional phase. Legal experts as well as constitutional experts are also divided on the elwction of the next PM by replacing Oli. One section of them believes that without amendment in the constitution, the Parliament cannot elect a new PM whereas another section believes that when one government will fail to secure majority in the Parliament, obviously, the Parliament can elect a new PM. Meanwhile, PM Oli wants to amend the constitution by using the prerogative with the President to remove obstacles. In doing so, there should be consensus among the major three parties.
    Hidden plan of the UML:
    Of late, Oli is not in a mood to dissolve the Parliament or to the Parliament inactive by declaring an election, however, Oli doesn’t want to see Pushpakamal Dahal as the new PM. Therefore, Oli had requested Deuba as well asRamchandra Poudel to lead the national consensus government by sidelining Dahal. Unless such an environment is developed, Oli is not going to quit the PM’s post even after the Parliament will endorse no-confidence motion against him. Oli has some ace up his sleeve to prolong the government for next one to two months.
    Oli is ready to quit the PM’s pos only if Deuba or Poudel will accept Oli’s proposal to lead the government. This is a move to sideline Dahal from the mainstream politics.
    Fight against India:
    Oli believes that the present move against him was initiated as per the Indian design.. Oli’s close confidant  say that  he is therefore fighting to fail the Indian design. .
    UML leaders in Oli’s camp believe that India used Dahal to defuse important agreements signed with China during Oli’s visit. Likewise, the Indian move was aimed at suspending the visit of Chinese President Xi Jinping to Nepal.
    In public addresses also, Oli has cited on the Indian diplomats’ role to topple his government. He said that some Indian diplomats had thrown lavish dinners in different hotels when the no-confidence motion was registered in the Parliament.
    Indian Embassy becomes active:
    The Indian diplomats including intelligence officers stationed here are busy in allotting ministerial portfolios to the India-confident leaders, according to a highly placed source. The very source also said, according to the list prepared by the Indian Embassy, Krishna Bahadur Mahara is going to be rewarded with the Deputy PM and finance minister’s portfolio whereas Krishna Shitaula is going to look after home minister’s portfolio; Sekhar Koirala is going to look after Foreign Ministry, Arjunnarsingh KC is likely to be rewarded with the tourism ministry whereas Gagan Thapa is going to be rewarded with the minister for information and communications. Bimilendra Nidhi is also going to be rewarded with the Transportation and Physical Planning Ministry. If the above mentioned leaders are included in the cabinet, then it becomes clear that once again the Indians have become active in micro-management of this country. Also, when the Indian Embassy is selecting the ministers, it becomes crystal clear that Deuba or Dahal are just the leaders who  cannot even finalize the names of their own cabinet .


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