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Bravo KP Oli!

  • Published on: July 27, 2016

  • pushpa columnBy PR Pradhan

    I am not an UML cadre and I have never voted for UML. I had never been a fan of KP Sharma Oli, instead, I have criticized him  many times. Today, I am inspired from the stance of the outgoing Prime Minister Oli. Today, I am thinking, if we will have some of the leaders with the quality of Oli, this country would make remarkable achievements in all fronts. Our sovereignty and independence could be guaranteed.
    On 11 October 2015, Oli was elected as the 38th Prime Minister of Nepal. At that time, the economy of the country was seriously damaged due to the devastating earthquake; the country was facing economic blockade imposed by India; the nation was burning due to the tarai unrest. Oli became the Prime Minister at a very troubled and unstable time.  Oli  visited India only after  the blockade was lifted. Even  during his India visit , Oli refused to issue a joint communiqué at the end of his visit without India’ recognizing  the newly promulgated constitution of Nepal.
    Immediately after his visit to India, Oli went to China and signed ten important agreements including agreements on trade, transit and transportation.  Other prime ministers, would not have dared sign such agreements that would have infuriated our southern neighbor India.  The agreements signed between Nepal and China during the Oli’s visit holds long term impact on Nepal’s economic development. If the agreements will be endorsed, then Nepal will become free from the India-locked country.  Only after  achievement of economic prosperity will we be able to strengthen our sovereignty and independence and Oli was concentrating on economic prosperity of this nation.  We were receiving reports that the Indian leaders were unhappy with Oli and they were putting all their efforts to topple Oli. Since the introduction of the multiparty democracy in the country, India has started micro-level intervention in Nepal. This trend has intensified since the introduction of the so-called Loktantra in 2006. The Indians have started to treat us even  below the status of Bhutan.E ver Since Oli has been elected as the PM, he has denied to listen to the Indians. Although, within his own party, the Indian reach was very  strong Oli neglected these forces and moved ahead without thinking of his future.
    Oli, on various different occasions, had said that he  wished to live with dignity and die with glory! Surely, until the last hours in the government, he didn’t compromise against the national interests just to prolong his tenure.
    If he had served the Indian interests, he would not have had to quit the government just in nine months.
    Of course, Oli was also said to be one of the beneficiaries of the Indians as all the bills of his kidney transplant operation were paid by the Indian Embassy here. Therefore, the Indians had expected supportive attitude from Oli, however, Oli always stood for the national interests and bluntly denied to serve the Indian interests at any cost. Indians thus started to allege Oli for following the King Mahendra’s path. After formation of the modern Nepal by King Prithivi Narayan Shah the Great, King Mahendra gave proper shape to the country as a sovereign and independent nation. King Birendra, in spite of Indian hegemony, contributed a lot for the development of the nation. One should not forget that, King Birendra had wished to declare Nepal as a Zone of Peace to safeguard the nation from any possible annexation by India. To recall, King Birendra was killed after his rejection of the citizenship amendment bill covered with the finance bill by seeking the Supreme Court’s advice on the said bill. King Gyanendra  also became the victim of India as he refused to serve the Indian interests. In the Dhakka SAARC Summit, during the one-on-one talks with the then Indian PM Manmohan Singh, the latter had alleged that the King had sided with China rather than India. At that time, the King had replied that it was India that had  pushed Nepal towards China, as informed by senior journalists MR Josse and Prof. P Kharel, who were also the member of the Nepali delegation attending the SAARC Summit.
    Among the prime ministers of this country, late Marichman Singh was the leader who didn’t bow down to the Indians. Similarly, Dr Tulsji Giri and Kirtinidhi Bista were able to show their courage to stand against the Indian interests. Earlier, Tanka Prasad Acharya and BP Koirala were able to write their names  in the history as patriotic prime ministers of the country. After introduction of the multiparty democracy, late Manmohan Adhikari and Krishna Prasad Bhattarai were the prime ministers who had a clean image as they didn’t betray  the nation. Otherwise, the rest of the prime ministers either to a larger extent or lesser extent have served the Indian interests and Oli is an exception among them.
    It is clear like daylight that the present Deuba-Prachanda alliance is a result of the Indian design and thus, one cannot expect anything better for this nation from the present alliance government.
    Although Oli has been defeated in the battle, he has been able to demonstrate high morale. Hats off Oli! Bravo Oli!


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