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  • Published on: August 10, 2016

  • pushpa columnBy PR Pradhan
    Just recently Maoist Center supremo Pushpakamal Dahal “Prachanda” had said that he doesn’t want to be the “Yes man” of anybody. After he was “terminated “ from the post of the PM eight years ago, time and again, he has said that he didn’t wish to be the “Yes man” of the power center or say, India.
    Until several months ago, Dahal “Prachanda” was found saying to his closed colleagues that his life was under threat. He had hinted that he was receiving such threats from India. He used to be serious while talking about such threats.
    Jana Aastha vernacular weekly had also reported that in December last year, Prachanda, by showing a secret document (against him) to a high-ranking Indian officer, had questioned: “What is this? Are you going to continuously threaten me by showing this document? If so, how can I trust you?” That report was published in The Hindustan Times on 24 July. Jana Aastha adds, today, the very Prachanda has become the Prime Minister with the blessings of the South now.
    According to the Weekly, every time, by seeing that document Prachanda used to get nervous. That document is related to a “people’s war” episode, in which, to manage funds and arms for the “people’s war”, Prachanda had helped the anti-Indian underworld, Dawood Ibrahim, a highly placed source informed. The South is using that document – related to Prachanda-Dawood connection in their transaction of fake Indian currency and arms — as a strong instrument to defuse Prachanda’s glory. When Deelip Sharankoti, member of the Maoist state committee, knew about the document from which Prachanda was horrified, he reported this to Prachanda but the latter remained silent and didn’t show any reaction even after the former’s briefing. This suspicious silence has still remained, reported the Weekly.
    According to this scribe’s source, he was found saying to his close aides in the party that the South may finish him anytime. This is surprising to note that today, the very person has become the PM by toppling an “extreme nationalist” KP Sharma Oli. As far as this scribe is aware, Pushpakamal Dahal is the key person who crafted the 16-point agreement by assuring the PM’s post to KP Sharma Oli, who, before that agreement, was a strong critic of the Maoist. To give a blow to the South, Prachanda developed this design. When the Indian foreign secretary was on a visit to Kathmandu at the capacity of the special envoy of Indian prime minister Narendra Modi, Dahal had humiliated him in an undiplomatic manner. The special envoy had become very furious from such a behavior of Dahal which resulted in the economic embargo on Nepal.
    Everybody knows, before NC supremo Sher Bahadur Deuba’s official visit to Delhi, Dahal had quietly sent Krishna Bahadur Mahara to Delhi as his envoy. Dahal had sent the message that if he will be rewarded as the prime minister, he would serve The South’s interests. He had made the request to the Indians to convince Deuba for developing NC-MC alliance against Oli. The Indians, who were trying all options to topple the Oli government, took this proposal positively and asked Deuba to support Dahal and develop an NC-MC alliance by breaking the UML-MC alliance.
    However, when this plan was exposed, the process of toppling the Oli government was delayed for two months. Therefore, the plan to topple the Oli government was not an abrupt decision of Dahal, but a strategic plan of the South that was developed along soon after the formation of the Oli government.
    The question is that will India permanently trust Dahal? From Dahal’s side, he has analyzed that he has no political future except from winning the confidence of the Indians. Therefore, he has given top priority to address the demands of the Madheshi parties, which, Dahal considers as the key interests of the Indians. Immediately after Dahal was elected to the post of the prime minister, Dahal announced that he will address the Madheshi parties’ demands even by amending the constitution within one month. Dahal plans to bag two-thirds majority in the parliament even by excluding the UML. Therefore, Dahal is trying to please RPP to bag its support for amendment of the constitution. This time, Dahal will make all efforts to make happy the Indians, say those who are close to Dahal.
    On the other hand, the Indians, by analyzing his past records, have reached to a conclusion that Dahal is not a trustworthy person. He is not a true communist but a person having feudal characteristics. Furthermore, he is an opportunist, the Indians have analyzed. As there were no other options to take revenge against Oli, the Indians have used Dahal. However, the Indians have developed a profile of weaknesses of Dahal and they are confident that time and again, Dahal can be used to serve the Indian interests with threats. This time, the Indians might have used the confidential document about Dahal’s relations with Dawood as a threat. In this regard, one can reach to a conclusion that time and again, Dahal will be serving the Indian interests in Nepali politics in the days to come.


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