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Why Complain

  • Published on: August 10, 2016

  • editDecades of organized political myths accepted as whole and soul truths doled out by political ideologues to emerging youths used as political fodder have taken their toll in the body politic. Emerging from their idealized versions of glorified public leaders and sheer glorified political actions amidst the stark reality of wheeling dealing power politics, many have chosen to cash in on their sacrifices and be part of the muck for their share of the spoils, many see little option other than to do so while many have begun serious queries as to where they went wrong despite the pristine purity of their now clearly lost cause. Desperate efforts to justify the recurrent series of turmoil further add to the problem since it prevents the seekers from coming closer to the real truths. There is no denying that Nepal is in the midst of a political whirlpool that is sucking the country into further turmoil unless a determined effort is made spin the country out of the mess that is essentially of our own creation.
    One diversion is to see both the sources and solutions to our problems outside the country. This is doubly dangerous and definitely diversionary. The problem is Nepal’s and the solution lies in the country through our countrymen. Blaming the international community for our country’s woes has one use though. There is a realization now that countries have their national interests and pursue their national interests in their relations with other countries. This has led to serious discussions now as to what our national interests should be. It has also led to a new awareness regarding what other’s interests can be in this country. The negative aspect though has been a somewhat differential approach to outside powers that instills a sense of inferiority when it comes to our national interests. When this drives policy, the impact is surely disastrous. The realization that national interests are to be strengthened and pursued, then, exposes our current leaders and system and our leaders know it but have little option other than to strengthen their efforts at cover-up and blame sharing.
    One approach to relearning political truths in this country could be to peruse over media reportage of political activity in the emerging democratic years and th state’s responses to such and their reactions. Another is to pry open the actual reasons behind political developments on the basis of facts and not political allegations. There is also the need to make an actual assessment of the obtaining political realities at that time. To spin out of the current whirl pool would need the strength of truths and national determination not witnessed in current political behavior. We are currently embroiled in a game of spoils for ourselves, bleeding the country is the current political game. So, why complain?


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