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How about Nepali Maoists?

  • Published on: August 23, 2016

  • Nepal’s Maoists have disgraced Chairman Mao by their corrupt and disgusting revolution. They have proved that Marxism and Leninism is good in theory only and not in practice.
    The fall of Soviet Union and its domino effect, one after another, and all over the communist world clearly shows that communism only misleads the poor and have not for better lives but fails to achieve the objectives because of greed and corruption. This is exactly what happened with Nepal’s Maoists.
    In recent years, it has been abundantly clear that Nepal’s Maoist was created, raised, sheltered, financed, trained and used by India to get rid of monarchy and make Nepal a failed nation so that they could exploit Nepal for their sole benefit. Everyone know that Pushpa Kamal Dahal’s government was installed by India. Former Prime Minister, KP Oli was trying to do something to free Nepal from total dependency on India and he was toppled down by Indian leadership and Nepali Congress leadership’s conspiracy. Nepali people should challenge Dahal to prove otherwise. If you could take stand for Nepal’s national interest, and did not act as India’s “Yes Man” to put it in his own words, Nepali people will forgive him for his crimes otherwise he will go down in the history of Nepal as a Traitor.

    Uttam B. Khatri
    [email protected]


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