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India dismal at Rio Olympics

  • Published on: August 23, 2016

  • India-at-Rio-OlympicsBy Our Reporter
    India, whichclaims herself emerging as a super power could not show the power at the Rio Olympics 2016. The self-claimed super power nation having the population of about 1,326,801,576 just managed to secure a silver and a bronze medal at the Rio Olympics, whereas, Fiji,having a population of just 897,537 managed to secure a gold.The Indian media covered the story in such a way that it looked like instead of only 2 medals they have won everything in the Olympics. What’s the point of calling yourself super power when you can’t even bag one gold medal in the Olympics. We already know India is not very good in politics but the Olympics showed us that it’s not good in sports either.
    On the other hand, China, having slightly more population, has been able to secure her position among the top three.


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