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Frequencies of fatal road accidents increase, who is the culprit?

  • Published on: August 30, 2016

  • By Our Reporter
    In less than a month after Pushpa Kamal Dahal’s ascend on power, the country witnessed two air crashes and four fatal road accidents killing at least 65 people in total.
    When the country was yet to overcome the shocks of the Koshipari road accident in which 27 passengers were killed on August 15, 22 bus passengers were killed when a speedy bus plunged into the Trishuli River at Kalikhola, Chitwan on Friday morning. Just a few hours after all the deceased of the Kalikhola accident were identified, 11 other people were killed in a jeep accident in Arghakanchi on Saturday afternoon.
    Frequencies of the road accidents have become highly shocking and the government has miserably failed to control the accidents. Although Prime Minsiter Dahal and other ministers expressed their commitments to apply all measures to make our roads safe immediately after the Kavre accident, the situation has further worsened, the repeated road accidents with high casualties suggest this.
    Then who is the main culprit behind these frequent accidents? Drivers? Helpers? Transport entrepreneurs or traffic police? Of course, all of them are responsible for the increasing number of road accidents. Syndicate system imposed by the bus entrepreneurs was blamed for the Kavre accident.  This illegal system forces passengers to board on the crowded buses.
    In the Dhanghadi accident that occurred hours before the Kavre mishap on the same day killing five passengers, the driver was blamed as he was driving in a high speed on the steep road. In the Kalikhola accident both the driver and the road condition were said to be the main culprits.  The transport entrepreneurs hardly bother to hire two drivers for their buses operating along the long routes. When they want a single driver to cover the distance, it results in accidents, especially when the driver sleeps while driving.
    There is also a tendency of not abiding by the traffic rules while the traffic police too do not take stricter measure to discourage the drivers from violating the traffic rules. The traffic police that had started checking the passenger buses to find whether they were carrying passengers exceeding their capacity even in the capital city a day after the Kavre mishap stopped doing the same the next day!
    Therefore, it seems the road accidents could not be brought under control unless the above mentioned malpractices are properly addressed. Following the latest accidents, people have been debating on the causes and remedies for the accidents but the government is still slow to promptly address the problems of the increasing road accidents.


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