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PM to consult with experts prior to his India visit

  • Published on: August 30, 2016

  • By Our Reporter
    Prime Minister Pushpa Kamal Dahal  said that he would consult with experts on the policy and technical issues of national importance prior to embarking on his  visit to India.
    While responding to a delegation of the National Concern Campaign Nepal at his office in Singha Durbar, PM Dahal revealed his plan to consult with experts.
    During the meeting, he also clarified that he had not thought of providing fast track to any foreign company.
    “The erstwhile government had decided to construct the fast track in the domestic investment as per my initiative. I was coordinator of the high level political committee,” he said adding, “The news reports that I am working to provide fast track to a foreign company are baseless and fabricated. It should be clarified,” read a news story printed on The Rising Nepal.
    He reiterated that he would bring all parties together to implement the new constitution and enhance the national unity.
    “There is no choice other than implementing the new constitution coming all parties at a point,” he said.
    He said that he was ready to coordinate and work with all the political powers to implement the new constitution.
    However, the government would not compromise national interest, he said.


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