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Leaders loot government coffers

  • Published on: August 31, 2016

  • ramabar-yadhav-nepal_20150125012931_1By Our Reporter
    Former prime minister and leader of the opposition party, KP Sharma Oli is on a visit to Thailand for his regular medical check-up. After his medical check-up in Thailand, he is visiting another country for sightseeing.
    Former prime minister and president of the Nepali Congress is on a visit to Singapore for his medical check-up.
    Former President Rambaran Yadav visited Chandigadh, India, and underwent medical check-up at the Postgraduate Institute of Medical Education and Research. According to Tarun vernacular weekly, known to be close to Sher Bahadur Deuba, Yadav, when he wished to visit New York, by influencing AK Mandal, chief professor of the Urology Department of the Institute, he was able to get a recommendation letter stating that “As Yadav wished to go to New York for further treatment…”.  The Weekly has also stated that Yadav’s treatment was possible in Nepal and also in India, but he wanted to visit New York along with his family and thus, Mandal,  Yadav’s friend since his student days, wrote the recommendation letter. If the treatment was not possible in that Institute, a different DEUBAVVK_jpg_2766633etype of letter would have been written, stated the Weekly.
    The government had assigned a diplomat from its embassy in Delhi and a team including Yadav’s family members and security personnel had stayed at the VIP guest house in Chandigadh. The entire expenses of Yadav’s stay and medical check-up will be paid by the Indian government and later it will be deducted from the grant that India is to give Nepal, stated the Weekly.
    After Yadav’s return from Chandigagh, the letter was submitted to the Prime Minister and the cabinet meeting has decided to provide 10 million rupees to Yadav for his treatment. It is said that Yadav is suffering from curable prostate cancer and he is visiting New York for the treatment.
    6189129aec76c851474d4c3da586052cPolitical leaders are visiting foreign countries for medical-check-up with the funds provided by the government. Even if treatment is possible in Nepal, the leaders either don’t trust the Nepali doctors or they plan to enjoy foreign junkets in the name of medical-check-up.
    If the total amount that the political leaders have spent in foreign countries in the name of medical checkups, a highly equipped hospital can be established in Kathmandu from that amount, say experts.
    According to Dr Sundarmani Dixit, the present day political leaders are fond of visiting foreign countries in the name of medical-check up and treatment. But the kings of Nepal were not interested to go to foreign countries just for medical check-up or treatment. Recalling an incident when the then Queen Ratna had succumbed to a bullet injury during a hunting trip in West Nepal, the then King Mahendra was advised to rush the Queen to Delhi. But the King asked the security to fly to Kathmandu. During that time, there was no facility to land aircrafts during night time in Kathmandu’s airport. However, the aircraft carrying the wounded Queen landed with the support of torches placed at the airport and the Queen underwent successful surgery at the Bir Hospital.
    Dixit has also recalled another story that when King Mahendra suffered from a heart attack, the medical team monitoring his health had suggested to establish an ICU in the Royal Palace premises. The then King decided to develop an ICU department at the Bir Hospital and Dixit was sent to London for a training instead of constructing an ICU unit inside the Palace.
    Again, Dixit has recalled another event when the then Crown Prince Dipendra was suffering from Appendicitis, the then King Birendra decided to undergo Crown Price’s operation at the Bir Hospital and the operation was successful. In this way, the monarchs had always encouraged for medical treatment within the country, which had boosted the morale of the medical doctors.
    Dixit has also cited another event when BP was suffering from cancer, he went to India for treatment as there was no facility of treatment of cancer in Nepal, but he denied to accept government money given to him for treatment.
    Dixit has thus said that Mahendra and BP can never be compared with Deuba and KP who are fond of visiting foreign countries for medical check ups.
    Of late, when former King Gyanendra suffered from a mild heart stroke, he underwent operation at the Norvic Hospital. Similarly, former Crown Prince Paras and also former Queen Mother Ratna underwent surgery at the Norvic Hospital when they were sick.
    Where is Dr Govinda KC?:
    Dr Govinda KC has been launching peaceful demonstrations demanding action against CIAA chair Lokman Singh Karki and ending mal-practices and irregularities in the health sector. KC is strongly opposing opening of new teaching hospitals producing medical doctors. It is very much surprising why he is silent when the political leaders, by taking government funds, are visiting foreign countries for medical treatment!
    Many Nepali youths want to study medical science and if they don’t get opportunity to study in the country, they go to abroad by spending millions of rupees. Dr KC is silent on this issue also.
    Just recently, by discarding Nepali students, the Kathmandu University Teaching Hospital issued a notice for application from the foreign students to study medical science in Nepal. As the University can collect hefty sums from foreigners, it gave priority to the foreign students. If there were many medical institutions, more and more Nepali youths could get opportunity to study medical science and also foreign students could come to Nepal for study at a cheap price. Also, Kathmandu, Pokhara, Chitwan, Biratnagar, Nepalgunj like cities could be developed as a medical hub by introducing latest technologies in medical science. Nepal could be developed as a medical tourist destination as well. But why Dr KC is against developing Nepal as a medical hub?


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