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Old Force demands restoration of 1990 constitution

  • Published on: August 31, 2016

  • By our Reporter
    The Campaign for Old Force launched a demonstration demanding for the restoration of the 1990 constitution in the capital city last Friday.
    The demonstrators organized a corner assembly at Bhotahitti, and demanded for the restoration of the 1990 constitution to end all kinds of problems that has been seen at present.
    PL Singh, NC leader and former mayor of Kathmandu Metropolis said that the 1990 constitution was written by the Nepalis and thus it was the best constitution in the world. Singh further said that under this constitution, from the monarchy to the Hindu religion can also be adjusted and the problem of structuring federalism would automatically be removed.
    Singh claimed that the present constitution has been introduced in the interests of foreign powers and thus it is not in the interest of the Nepali people as well as the nation.
    General secretary of the Inter Religion Networking, Keshaab Bhattarai, said that the present constitution has divided the Nepali people on the basis of cast, communities and religion, which may invite a bloody conflict in the nation. General secretary of the BP Belief Academy, Devendra Poudel blamed that during the 2006 unrest, the ambassadors of the UK, India, Norway and Sweden held a consultation and declared Nepal as a secular state.
    Coordinator of the Campaign, senior advocate Balkrishna Neupane claimed that the 11 billion rupees brought in the name of Ajaya Sumargi was the fund received by those people who sold our religion and wanted to split the nation.


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