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Prachanda’s formula and Nepal’s future

  • Published on: August 31, 2016

  • pushpa columnIn a successful democracy, the people elect leaders having vision and the political parties perform in a democratic manner. In this regard, Nepal is considered as a country having a very unsuccessful democracy.  Democracy has become unsuccessful because there are leaders who have no vision and no programmes to uplift the nation, rather, the leaders are self-centered and always thinking about personal gains only. Talking about the present commander of the government, Pushpakamal Dahal “Prachanda”, he has become the PM with the fixed tenure of nine months. What can he do in less than one year that he has already understood. He has become the PM just to enjoy power and enjoy personal benefits.
    If we go back at the history of PM Dahal, he had launched the armed insurgency to destabilize his motherland as per the design of foreign powers. In the ten-year-long insurgency, he spent eight years in safe shelters around Delhi, the capital city of India. The mission was to destroy the nation. Today, Dahal has become the PM for the second time not because he is a popular leader, but due to the blessings of the foreign power center. When the Oli-led government initiated works to make Nepal self-reliant with an effort to get rid of the domination of one country, Oli became a target of the foreign elements who don’t want to see Nepal as a self-reliant nation. The foreign elements had used Dahal to fulfill their mission. Therefore, expecting something special from the present government is worthless.
    The Prachanda formula is to sacrifice national interests, national sovereignty and national independence and please the foreign elements, specially India,, just to achieve his personal interests. In the process of pleasing India, he is putting his leg first to India in the course of beginning his foreign trips.  Considering Prachanda’s  present attitude, many political observers suspect that he may become ready to do everything in the interests of India.  According to reports, PM Dahal had written a letter to his Indian counterpart with an apology on his past mistakes which he had sent with his special envoy to India, DPM and Home Minister Bimilendra Nidhi. Journalist Prashant Jha, who is believed to be close to the South Block he has disclosed this secret although the government is denying any such letter was written to Delhi. When UML leaders demanded to inform them about the letter sent by PM Dahal to the Indian PM, DPM Nidhi said that it was just a courtesy letter. Furthermore, PM Dahal is planning to register a constitution amendment bill in the Parliament before he will leave for Delhi. This also is considered as an effort for pleasing the Indians.
    Why Dahal had to send his regrets to the Indian leaders, it is interesting.  One can assume that Dahal has always performed double standards. He bagged all support from India to destroy peace in his motherland, in the meantime, he served the Western interests by creating division among the Nepali community in the name of communal identity, he introduced the concept of federalism and also played a vital role to declare Nepal a secular country. These all he has done just for monitary gains. If investigated on money laundering, Prachanda will obviously be found involved in this scam. Noted advocate Balkrishna Neupane has publically remarked that the billions amount transferred from a foreign country which has been withheld by the Nepal Rastra Bank belongs to Prachanda and he had received that money at the cost of destroying our national identity and cultural values by adopting federal secular republic.
    Maybe, Prachanda, who served the Western interests, wants to convince to the Indian leaders that he will never repeat such a mistake and become India’s “yes man!”
    In fact, Prachanda is a character who wants to destroy the nation’s identity, culture, values, etc. Why he denied to wear Daura-Surwal even after he became the PM when his partner in the government, the NC ministers were clad in the national dress, from this also, we can understand his inner attitude that he wants to destroy his motherland.
    The present constitution is not applicable in Nepal and if tried to impose it forcefully, the country may face split,, but Prachanda is encouraging those elements who are serving foreign interests. Destruction of the nation was started along with yje launching of the “people’s war” and later when the non-visionary leaders amended the citizenship law by allowing the Indian citizens from obtaining Nepali citizenship, the course of split of the nation was started this way. Now, Prachanda is planning to make satisfy those Indians and those who are serving the Indian interests, the leaders of the Madheshi Front, by giving them separate provinces and also responding the other sponsored demands of the Madheshi Front. Prachanda, during his nine-month-tenure, may initiate all efforts to completely destroy this historical nation. Therefore, one should be clear that the present coalition government is not for reconstruction of the nation but for destruction of a sovereign country.
    Now, there left little hope among the Nepali people. If emerged a visionary and patriotic leader or if people become ready to protest against the present foreign puppet leaders, then only Nepal can survive otherwise, the puppet leaders will handover the remaining things to the foreigners. This is a crucial time for the Nepali youths to decide whether they want a sovereign and independent nation or they want to remain as a citizen of a colony of a particular foreign country! The future of Nepali population is not secure under the present Deuba-Dahal partnership.


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