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Nirvana Chaudhary crossed the border

  • Published on: September 7, 2016

  • Nirvana_Chaudhary“Have belief in your country”

    By Our Business Reporter
    Chaudhary Group was running the leading industries in Nepal. The Maoist uprising was taking momentum in the country. The industrial sector was at its worst phase. Nirvan had just passed +2 from London. At a time when the youths were leaving the country he returned from London to Nepal. This is Nrivan Chaudhary’s story. He was telling his story at “cross the border” function organized by hotel Snow Land to uplift entrepreneurship in Nepal.
    “I could have gone to any corner of the world but since I believe that we have to make the country by ourselves I prefer to live in Nepal” he said. He also said that the Chaudhary Group had set up a lot of industries and agencies in various countries and the chief administrator has always been a Nepali.
    He requested all the youths to know our own country first. He also said, “have belief in the country. Do not always complain about unavailable things and feel hopeless. A lot can be done in Nepal and there are a lot of possibilities here.”
    Nirvana learned the value of money although he was the son of the richest men in the world. He said that he learnt the lesson on how to buy at a cheap price and sell at a higher price. He also stated that one should not spend lavishly just because one has lots of money for example one should not spend Rs25,000 for some goods which can be bought at Rs1,000. One does not have to fly in business class for a short flight. One cannot make progress if one does not recognize the value of money.
    He also said that one can start from a small company as the management system of both big and small industries are the same. “When I was in London I worked as a waiter and did my internship in a bank. Therefore, to be successful start from small but with an aim and do not lose patience.”
    He stated that Chaudhary Group had directed its aim in social business and so was ready to help any young entrepreneur with a good project. He said that the company was very happy of its recent activities like building 3,000 houses for the earthquake victims and spending crors in charity rather than its various past activities.
    Ganesh BahadurThapa the managing director of hotel Snow land said that a country cannot progress without progress in entrepreneurship and therefore this series of cross the border was organized to aware others with a success story.


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