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When MPs debunk parliament meeting!

  • Published on: September 14, 2016

  • By our Reporter
    Like the college students of  Kathmandu, the lawmakers in Nepal also  debunk the important parliament meetings affecting the House processing to pass important bills. The students in college dress reach cinema halls or dating spots but the lawmakers reach resorts to participate in a workshop orgainsed by international organizations with a hope of getting a few thousand rupees as allowance!
    When the greedy lawmakers left the Parliament building after putting their signature recently, the Parliament could not pass three important bills in lack of quorum.
    Passage of Judicial Administration Bill, Judicial Service Commission Bill and Judicial Council Bill was crucial for setting up federal judicial structures, including the high courts, and the Parliament was to endorse them on Friday. But when it was put for voting, required minimum number of lawmakers went missing.
    A total of 366 lawmakers of the ruling and opposition parties had signed the attendance book today but when time came to put the three bills to vote, only 126 members were present.
    A total of 149 members need to be in the House at the time of passing a bill.
    The issue of quorum was raised by Nepal Workers’ and Peasants’ Party lawmaker Dilli Prasad Kafle. Some lawmakers were participating in a programme organised by National Democratic Institute, an INGO, while others were at Sundarijal to mark BP Jayanti, according to sources.
    It was a matter of shame that some lawmakers were attending an INGO’s programme at a time when important bills were to be put to vote.
    This case showed how irresponsible are our lawmakers. They are not accountable to the people who elected them.


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