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Constitution in ICU observes birth anniversary

  • Published on: September 21, 2016

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    There was no enthusiasm among the people when the political leaders of the ruling parties were celebrating the birth anniversary of the constitution in a fanfare manner. There was absent of the main opposition party UML and opposition parties RPPN and others when the government was celebrating the  “birthday programme” of the constitution. More interestingly, the front of the Madheshi parties which had voted for the present NC-MC coalition government, was observing black day.
    The Madheshi parties’ front had announced three-day black day programmes when they came to know that the government was organizing the first anniversary of the constitution by organizing three-day events.
    The constitution is very sick as it had to undergo major operation immediately after its birth. Again, the Indian doctors have prescribed for another major operation of the constitution, which is already in the ICU.
    Now, there left only 16 months for total recovery of the allying constitution. Those leaders, who gave birth to this constitution, are not sure that whether within the remaining 16 months the constitution will be totally recovered or not, therefore, they are found managing a ventilator to keep alive the constitution through an artificial respiratory equipment.


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