• Friday 23rd August 2019

When PM meets most wanted fugitive

  • Published on: September 21, 2016

  • By Our Reporter
    image0015Prime minister Pushpa Kamal Dahal, during his Delhi visit, met Nepal’s “most wanted person” who escaped from Nepal after he was accused of masterminding the murder of a two-year-old child and eight security personnel at Tikapur in 2015.
    Dahal met Resham Chaudhari, the accused murderer, at a function organised at New Delhi’s Taj Palace Hotel where Dahal was addressing the Indian business community on Friday, according to Annapurna Post vernacular daily.
    It is of serious note that Dahal met such a fugitive at a public function. Intriguing is the questions as to how Chaudhari was able to enter the venue by escaping the security personnel who were deployed there to provide high-security to the visiting VVIP.
    There are speculations among the Nepalis that Chaudhari might have been hiding in Delhi under the Indian security and he was able to meet our visiting PM with the support of the Indian security.  This is hardly surprising considering the fact that Nepali Maoists had similar escorts and coordination from Indian security agencies until a decade ago.


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