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Can we make Nepal self-sufficient?

  • Published on: October 5, 2016

  • By Prajwal Shrestha
    98103-being-self-sufficient-quotesRead the report that in our international trade, the country is facing losses worth 2 billion rupees per day. In this way, in a month, the loss will amount to 60 billion rupees. Nevertheless, our balance of payment was positive due to the remittance revenue that the country was receiving from the youths who are in foreign jobs. Unfortunately, in the last few months, the remittance revenue has also declined and our balance of payment has been negative. This is not good news, but it is an alarming report about the economic health of the nation. It is odd to note that the political leaders who are in power have not made any reaction on such shocking reports, instead, the 601-member giant legislative parliament members unanimously passed the proposal to increase their own allowances and facilities; the prime minister is found distributing money to the Maoist activists; political leaders are going abroad for medical treatment with the fund given by the government. After all, the political parties are engaged in loot of the nation but they are not worried about the economic health of the nation.
    When the nation was facing economic embargo imposed by India, Pushpakamal Dahal had proclaimed that if there is no fuel for the vehicles, he was ready to ride a bicycle but what has he done to increase our exports and decrease our imports, we have not seen any efforts from him and his government as well. At least the previous government led by KP Sharma Oli was taking initiatives to find alternates of the petro-products within the country. Efforts were made to find petrol-mines in the country; plans to make the country self-reliant within two years were developed; commitments were made to construct the Kathmandu-Nijgadh Fast Track Road and Budhi Gandaki hydropower project by mobilizing our own resources. More importantly, that government had signed some important agreements, including transportation and transit with China along with an understanding of opening of several trade points with China including upgrading the Kathmandu-Rasuwagadhi road; transportation of petro-products from China and construction of reserve tanks in different places in view with ending our dependency with India. Along with formation of the present NC-MC alliance government, the new prime minister and also the ministers have stopped talking about making the nation self-sufficient as if speaking on such issues could be a serious crime!
    Months ago, the Nepal Army had shown interests in re-operating the Hetauda Textile Industry managing the investment by the Nepal Army itself. When this scribe had asked to the Nepal Army spokesman regarding any progress on its plan, he informed that the file is still pending in the Ministry of Industry. For years, the industry has remained closed and when a government organ has become ready to invest in it, the government is unable to give a decision. In other sectors also, the same problem exists as the government officials and the political leaders are not eager to work for the betterment of the nation, rather, they are keen to help the foreign elements and their own interests. To quote Narayanman Bijukche, there are 25 thousand government employees who are taking additional salary every month from the Indian embassy here. Obviously, they are serving the Indian interests rather than the national interests!
    If such a trend will continue, our nation can never be  self-sufficient. First of all, we need to get rid the vicious circle of foreign powers and make full concentration towards making our economy self-sufficient. When the prime minister and ministers are working for the foreign powers, we, the people, cannot punish the foreign puppets who are working in the interests of the foreign powers, yet, we can expose them in public by making the general public aware so that the corrupt foreign puppets will be demoralized in the society.
    Although, we don’t see any hopeful future, let’s not stop to hope for betterment of the nation, let’s try to discard such corrupt people from the society and let’s try to search for better people to lead the country!


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