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Open Letter to the President of India

  • Published on: November 9, 2016

  • Dear P. Muykerjee jee 
    pranab-mukherjeeSorry Mr. president, I neither welcome you in my country nor I am happy on the various illegitimate and unfriendly activities that your governments are habituated to undertake exposing their bullying characteristics. I also do feel that until you reply back following queries no true Nepali should welcome you in my country and my understanding is that only Indian’s slaves or those who collect money from your embassy will welcome you, but the rest of Nepalese see no point and reason why we should welcome you. My queries are as following, which however should have been asked to you officially in official, formal meetings but as our so called leaders are corrupt, power hungry crooks and neither do carry blood in their body nor do have courage and self-confidence to ask you directly as they do not love the nation I as a senior citizen of the country has been forceds to ask these queries and hope you will be answering my queries as a good politician:
    1. Why did you blockade our boarder showing your displeasure on our constitution, during the period we were suffering from the devastating earthquake. Nepal as a sovereign country has no political right to make its own constitution without any intervention from big brother like you?
    2. Are you not aware of the various one sided construction on the No-man’s land inundating our land and suffering of the people in the borders? Do you consider this is your right simply because your country is big and militarily powerful than us?
    3. As a president of the country you must be aware that many parts of Nepal in Kalapani, Susta, etc is being encroached by your government in various pretexts. What do you consider on such encroachments? Do you consider this as your natural right being bigger in size and powerful militarily or this is foreign policy of your country as you grabbed Sikkim, created problems in Sri-Lanka, Maldives etc.
    4. Your creation of Bangladesh was your support for democracy or a strategy to weaken the power of your all time enemy since 1947 Pakistan?
    5. Many treaties, joint statements, Agreements with Nepal are one-sided with all beneficiaries towards India and miseries and problems in the Nepal side are due to your smartness and foolishness of our political leaders or such agreements treaties etc are made forcefully and paying money to corrupt Nepalese leaders?
    I hope you will not consider this letter as against the etiquette to be asked when you are on a friendly visit to my lovely country and visiting the religious places like Pasuati Nath, Janakpur etc. I apologize if you consider like that and request you to take this letter as a compulsion to save my country from regular bullying from your country’s side and as the saying goes” enough is enough” .
    As a senior citizen who was educated in Indian universities I do like to welcome people like you and hope the country like India will treat us equally and cooperate with us for our development works and do not play the machination games. Time for people like you to tell the concerned people of India to rethink on their bullying policy towards small countries like Nepal has already come.

    Kalyan Dev Bhattarai
    Senior citizen of Nepal


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