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Home Minister Nidhi leads surrenderism campaign

  • Published on: November 16, 2016

  • By Our Reporter 
    imagesPrime Minister Pushpa Kamal Dahal and Deputy Prime Minister and Home Minister Bimalendra Nidhi have been working as true agents of India. Their activities of the past 100 days are testimony to this.
    Of course, Dahal returned to power, which was almost impossible considering the strength of his party, the CPN-Maoist Centre. He managed to become Prime Minister in the open backing of India and Nidhi had prepared the pitch for Dahal’s unbelievable return to Singh Durbar in eight years. Hence, Nidhi has been leading the surrenderism path of Nepal.
    These two leaders have already accomplished an important mission—foiling Chinese President Xi Jinping’s Kathmandu visit in October. They are now working to fulfill another mission by amending the constitution as per the demands of the Madhesi leaders who created a lot of inconveniences to the Nepalese people last year.
    Now these two leaders are preparing to make dangerous strides to please the Indian establishment and weaken the national sovereignty of Nepal. While Dahal is working to convince the CPN-UML to amend the constitution inserting a provision that makes ‘naturalised citizens’ eligible for the top posts including speaker of the parliament while Nidhi is planning to distribute ‘naturalised citizen certificates to 2.3 million Indian nationals by dispatching citizenship distribution teams across Tarai.
    Dahal wants to meet the demands of the Madhesi group by separating the hill districts from Tarai, which is a design to break Nepal’s Tarai in the long run.
    Nidhi, who opposed the idea of building the Kathamndu-Nijgadh fast track by Nepal, has been working to increase the population of naturalised citizens so that Nepal’s politics one day will be dominated by the naturalized citizens. When a limited number of naturalized citizens like Rajendra Mahato has already been disturbing peace, one can easily imagine the situation after Nidhi succeeds in his mission to distribute the citizenship cards to non-Nepalis.
    Instead of moving the documents forward to institutionalize the agreement reached with China, some leaders have deliberately working to spoil Nepal-China ties. The meeting of NC president Sher Bahadur Deuba with the representative of Dalai Lama in Goa, India, is an example to this. Nidhi and Arju Deuba are blamed for arranging the controversial meeting.


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