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An example of loot-tantra

  • Published on: November 23, 2016

  • By Our Reporters
    It is very sad to state that the lawmakers, instead of keeping concern on other burning issues, are found keen in increasing their own salaries and facilities by many folds.
    21112016085534capture2222525The Parliament on Sunday endorsed the bill to increase salaries, allowances and facilities of the lawmakers with an overwhelming majority. Unique unity was shown by all the lawmakers in increasing their perks.
    As per the new bill, MPs will get Rs 1,000 for daily meetings. Earlier, they used to get Rs 500.
    Accordingly, the MPs will get Rs 18,000 for house rent.
    It is odd to note that they will get the increased pay from the month of Shrawan (July-August), beginning of the new fiscal year. This is very unique practice of enjoying the increased facilities of the previous months also.
    The three major political parties Nepali Congress, CPN UML and CPN-Maoist Centre had registered a joint proposal at the Parliament seeking increment on their salaries and other facilities.
    There is no such a practice of increasing their own salaries and facilities by the MPs themselves. So far, they could increase such facilities for the MPs to be represented in the parliament next time. However, in this “loktantra” quoined by the commoners as “loot-tantra” nothing is impossible.
    We know, the winter season has kicked off. Several dozen elderly people and kids — earthquake victims — died due to the cold last year as they were sheltered under tents after they lost their houses. Thousands of earthquake victims are still spending their nights under the old tents. The government has failed even to provide the first installment of the amount committed by it. The victims are unable to construct their houses as they lack money. How to provide effective support to the quake victims, none of the parties is concerned.
    Besides, there are many other important issues to be addressed by the parliament. Many laws are impending in the Parliament. In the process of implementation of the new constitution, these laws have to be endorsed by the parliament. The important thing is that three elections – local, provincial and central – have to be conducted before 21 April, 2018. Otherwise, the new constitution will face a crisis. For about two decades, there has not been any local election in the country. Due to which, the local bodies are running without elected representatives. The MPs are not bothered about such a gloomy scenario of this “loktantra”. Nevertheless, they are found keen in loot on the government treasury.


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