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Lawmakers increase pays and perks

  • Published on: November 23, 2016

  • By Our Reporters
    At a time many earthquake victims have been living in the temporary makeshifts braving monsoon rains and winter chills in lack of money to rebuild new homes, the lawmakers have increased their pays and allowances completely ignoring the people’s pain.
    This act showed how greedy and irresponsible are our lawmakers. On Sunday, they decided to hike the monthly salary and allowances of the lawmakers of the Federal Parliament massively despite growing public reservation about it.
    With the endorsement of the Bill pertaining to the hike in their salary and perks, a lawmaker will get more than Rs 100,000 monthly in the form of salary and allowances under different headings.
    As per the new provision, a lawmaker will get Rs 55,230 in salary, Rs 1,000 in allowance for attending the meeting of the parliamentary committees, and Rs 500 as daily meeting allowance, Rs 3,000 in communication allowance, Rs 18,000 in residential allowance and Rs 15,000 in furniture allowance. Likewise, they will receive 1000 rupees as transportation allowance, Rs 2,500 as daily allowance and Rs 2,000 as allowance for water and electricity will also be provided to each parliamentarian.
    Earlier, a lawmaker received Rs 44,180 in monthly salary.
    From now onward, the Speaker will get Rs 67,320 in salary per month. The Speaker will receive Rs 28,275 in residential allowance and Rs 3,000 as newspaper allowance.
    The government will pay the water and electricity bills of the Speaker.  The head of the parliament will get Rs 3,000 in travel allowance.
    The lawmakers of the present parliament will enjoy the increased facilities for 16 months as their tenure expires in January 2018.


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