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Traitors working to amend the constitution as per Indian design

  • Published on: November 23, 2016

  • By Our Reporter
    Prime Minister Pushpa Kamal Dahal and Nepali Congress president SherBahadurDeuba have been working to please India by registering a constitution amendment proposal in the parliament.
    Dahal, who returned to power in the support of NC in August this year, had said that he had become the Prime Minister to make the constitution acceptable to all by amending it and he had assured to register the amendment bill before flying to New Delhi in September. He later increased the deadline to Dashain and further to Chhath. But two weeks after the end of Chhath, he has been unable to register the amendment bill.
    The delay in registering the amendment proposal has irked not only the Madhesi parties but also their master who had paved the way for Dahal’s ascent to power. Now PM Dahal and NC boss Deuba had no option but to register the amendment bill or quit the government.
    Therefore, the two ruling parties are preparing to register the amendment proposal in the parliament soon.
    The government is preparing to make four amendments regarding the demarcation of province 5, provision of citizenship and rights of the naturalised citizens and representation in the National Assembly.
    However, there is unlikely that the amendment proposal will be endorsed as CPN-UML has been against it. And if the proposal fails, PM Dahal has to step down on moral ground.
    Rumours have already been rife there that Dahal will step down in two weeks if the amendment proposal fails, and Deuba will form a new government in the support of Madhesi parties and the recently unified RPP. This means the failure of the constitution amendment proposal will break the NC-Maoist coalition and unified RPP is likely to replace the Maoist-Centre in the Deuba-led government.
    A political analyst in the condition of anonymity told this reporter that a condition is being created to oust communists—both UML and Maoists from the next government.
    However, there is also possibility of endorsing the amendment bill if the unified RPP supports it because the unification of the RPP and RPP-N is portrayed as a move made to amend the constitution.
    Whatever the outcome of the amendment proposal will be, India has once again is being allowed to meddle Nepal’s internal matter and the political parties are responsible for inviting the unwelcome meddling.  But at the same time, chance of constitution amendment has become very slim considering the growing enmity between the UML and the Maoist Centre in recent days.


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