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  • Published on: November 29, 2016

  • image0032Paintings by renowned artist Kiran Manandhar and his son Sagar Manandhar are on exhibition at the Nepal Art Council (NAC), Babarmahal since Thursday.
    The event was inaugurated by the Ambassador of the Federal Republic of Germany, Matthias Meyer.
    The artist duo is showcasing their paintings in their individual themes.
    Works of artist Kiran is entitled Dunuga ya swapu [Feelings and connection] that are inspired by diverse feelings and emotions of the artist.
    Artist Sagar has tried to portray the bold character and impression of deity Bhairav where colour impasto and lyrical linear forms are established with different creative vibes. Besides, Sagar claimed that the attributes and iconic images of Bhairav have given a strong imagery to work on this theme.
    In a statement issued Kiran said, “When I feel happy I paint, when I feel sad I paint. I paint what I feel at the very moment.” He believed that art has no language and his paintings are a platform to expressively portray his intuitive feelings, his experiences on different occasions which tell the story of his life. Kiran further added that his art doesn’t limit his audience within a boundary and that the viewers are free to perceive what they see in the image. They have freedom to explore and narrate their own feelings.
    The exhibition will continue until December 7.


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