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How long to sleep?

  • Published on: November 30, 2016

  • By PR Pradhan
    pushpa-columnThe Nepali people are in a deep sleep even when enemies are creating conspiracy to capture their own houses. Those slaves of India, who have appeared as our leaders, are initiating conspiracy one after another to make us refugee in our own motherland. How long should we sleep? When are we going to wake up? My mind is boggling for last one decade. Our leaders are dancing to the tune of Delhi. They are keen to please their bosses in Delhi rather than their voters.
    Dramatically, the 12-point agreement was signed between the then seven parliamentarian parties and the terrorist declared Maoist party in Delhi under the mediation of the Indians followed by the “people’s movement-2” in 2006. The movement was aimed at destroying important organs safeguarding the nation’s sovereignty and independence as per the Indian design. Immediately after the “people’s movement-2, the nation witnessed Tarai unrest, in fact, both the agitations were sponsored by India to spoil our motherland. The Indian puppet leaders, to please their Indian bosses, distributed citizenship to above 4.3 million Indians residing in the country.
    The nation was declared republic by betraying the King. The agenda of federalism was introduced and the Maoists, who were solely responsible for killing above seventeen thousand innocent people, started to rule the nation by introducing anarchism in the name of “loktantra”. Today, the nation has become serious victim of rampant corruption, daylight loot and anarchism.
    Under the conspiracy of the Westerns, Nepal was declared a secular state and under the West-South, federalism was imposed against the wish of the Nepali people.
    The India migrated Tarai centric leaders are demanding for separation of the Tarai districts by making two Tarai provinces covering all the Tarai land. They are demanding to introducing Hindi as their national language and also providing all rights to the naturalized citizens. We can clear see that India has initiated different plans to end our sovereignty and independence. Bhutanisation, Fijinasation, Sikkimization and more dangerous Kashmirization are back to back plan that India wants to apply in Nepal.
    Our leaders are claiming that they by writing the constitution from the people elected constituent assembly, have fulfilled the 75 years old wish of the Nepali people. In fact, the leaders are heading towards the path of fulfilling the 75 year long wish of India. They were even claiming that the present constitution as the best constitution in the world, which was endorsed by above 90 percent of the people’s representatives. Unfortunately, the very constitution was amended immediately after its promulgation and the leaders are preparing for a second amendment in the constitution. Why amendment was needed if it was the best constitution in the world? Yet, the constitution has not been implemented.
    The Tarai leaders are talking about rights of the Tarai people but, in reality, they are serving the Indian interests and they are trying to abduct the rights of the indigenous Nepali Tarai people and reward the Indian migrated people. Our system didn’t try to convince the real Tarai people that they are under threat of their identity if distributed citizenships to those migrated Indians. Our system has failed to explain to the real Tarai people that separation of the Tarai districts from hill districts is not economically sustainable as we have huge stock of natural resources in hill districts but we have nothing in Tarai districts except from growing rice and jute. Of course, the present demand of separation of the Tarai districts is in the interests of India. India wants to annex the Tarai districts, which we are unable to convince to the real Tarai people. Already, the Madhesh centric parties are claiming Tarai as a different nation. Some separatists have already become active in Tarai districts to make Tarai a separate nation. Haven’t the leaders of today understood this Indian design? Of course, they are well aware with the Indian design but they have already been sold, therefore, they want to handover Nepal in the Indian pocket.
    How the kings of Nepal had contributed to keep Nepal a sovereign and independent nation, Khagendrajung Gurung has described in his piece published in the Annapurna Post vernacular daily. King Mahendra, was aware about Indira Gandhi’s plan to capture Nepal by provoking different communities in the country. Against that, King Mahendra had initiated different move, including establishing diplomatic relations with that time conservative Communist China. From such a decision of Nepal, Indira Gandhi was unhappy. Not to forget, King Birendra, to save Nepal, had proposed for declaring Nepal as a Zone of Peace which was recognized by 116 nations including China and the USA, yet, India had not recognized it. Without any pre-notice, those actors who drafted the 1990 constitution, removed this proposal from the constitution. This makes it clear that the 1990 “people’s movement” was also sponsored by India.
    Noted columnist and UML leader Kamal koirala, in a recent interview with the Sagarmatha TV, has said that the present constitution has no significance either in the past, or at present or in the future. Therefore, for betterment of the nation and the people, this constitution has to be scrapped immediately. He claimed that even one after another amendment, the constitution cannot be implemented in Nepal as this constitution has not been written for the Nepali people and for Nepal. The present effort for amendment is not for the Nepali people but it is for India, Koirala explained.
    He also hoped that the Nepali people will rise against such anarchism of the foreign puppet leaders. Hundreds of thousands people will come in the street against the traitor act of our leaders, he said and appreciated the present move of the UML leaders to go against the Indian design. He said, UML had also committed mistakes in the past, but now, this party is trying to correct its past mistakes.
    This scribe also believes that the Nepali people should come in the streets to oppose anti-national acts of the present day leaders and to scrape the constitution, which is not in the interests of the nation as well as the people.


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