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Load-shedding: Gift of corrupt NEA officials

  • Published on: November 30, 2016

  • By Our Reporter
    Evidences prove that the Nepal Electricity Authority (NEA) has remained a haven for the corrupt officials, who compelled the people face load-shedding for hours by taking commission from the industries and businessmen. They supply power to the industries and businessmen receiving commission of a few thousand rupees.
    Now when the country got new Energy Minister and new CEO at the NEA, things have changed drastically. Load-shedding have become a thing of past in Kathmandu though no significant additional power has been added in the national grid.
    Now people are seeking punishment to the corrupt officials who had created artificial load-shedding and turned the NEA a breeding ground for corrupts.
    Minister for Energy Janardhan Sharma also admitted that some top officials of the NEA were involved in black-marketing power, triggering an artificial load-shedding in the country for years.
    Speaking at a function the Energy Minister said, “The high level officials were providing power to industries and businessmen taking huge amount money in commission.”
    In the past the people used to live without power at least six hours a day. But this year, the problem has been over as the new CEO Kul Man Ghising managed to end the black marketing of power.
    The corrupt employees affected by the efficient performance of the new CEO have been trying their best to oust him. They have met Prime Minister Pushpa Kamal Dahal asking him to sack Ghising.
    With the load-shedding coming to an end, import of diesel has also dropped significantly as the people do not need to operate generators to produce power. Sources said, the country has saved Rs 25 million from the reduction in fuel import in the past few weeks.


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