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Fate of the constitution

  • Published on: December 7, 2016

  • By Our Reporter
    Even if RPP (37 votes) will cast vote for amendment of the constitution, there is lack of two votes to endorse the amendment bill, said an UML source.
    However, on Monday, RPP decided not to vote for amendment of the constitution stating that in as-it-is situation the amendment proposal cannot be accepted. If RPP will cast its votes against the amendment, the constitution cannot be amended. But if RPP will cast vote for amendment, at that situation, there is deficiency of two votes to bag two-thirds majority.
    UML holds the strength of 182 votes. Rastriya Jana Morcha 3 votes, NMKP 4 votes, CPN ML 5 votes and three small parties having 4 votes have decided to take UML’s side. In this regard, a total of 198 votes are against the amendment whereas, even if all members of the NC and MC and other government allies will cast vote for the amendment, total votes in favour of amendment will be 394. There is need of two more votes i.e. 396 votes to bag two-thirds majority for amendment of the constitution. To recall, the total strength of the present Legislative Parliament is 592 members who are eligible to vote on the amendment proposal.
    As the tenure of the present parliament has only one year more, there is the possibility of crossing the floor by some NC and MC MPs.
    If the amendment proposal fails, PM Dahal will face crisis as on moral grounds, he will be compelled to tender his resignation.


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