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Let all of us be united against traitors!

  • Published on: December 7, 2016

  • By Pushpa Raj Pradhan
    0212201601030902122016104413butwal-17-b-1000x0-1000x0We are in a very crucial phase. The question is that whether we will remain as the citizen of Nepal or we or our successors will be the citizens of India! Our leaders have shown their true colors since they have openly begun to fulfill the Indian wishes without even the slightest remorse. An example is NC president Sher Bahadur Deuba who is publicly stating that there is no other way except for separating Tarai districts from hilly districts as proposed in No 5 province. However in his own electoral constituency Kailali and Kanchanpur , he is against separation of hill districts and one can easily understand why. I do not know whether Deuba understands that if the Madheshi parties will be able to establish two provinces compromising of Tarai districts, this would be the beginning and end of our country as in the days to come, they will demand that Jhapa, Morang Sunsari and Kailali and Kanchanpur be included in the two Tarai provinces.
    Open Indian intervention:
    It is now open secret that Indian ambassador, Ranjit Rae threw a lunch to the Madheshi leaders and asked them to support the constitution amendment proposed by the government. Apparently the ambassador did this as per the request of no other than our Prime Minister Pushpamakal Dahal. Dahal must have heaved a huge sigh of relief after the lunch of ambassador Rae as he must have felt that he had the number games right for the bill to be endorsed by the amendment.
    Indian design:
    Decades ago, Indira Gandhi the then Indian prime minister, after annexation of sovereign and independent country Sikkim, had developed the plan to annex Nepal’s Tarai plains and she had assigned this job to the RAW chief. The basic principle of the RAW doctrine in which the Madheshi parties have a huge role is separation of the tarai districts of Nepal from the hill districts. The game plan for all this is Nepal’s water resources which India wants and they plan to get it by at first making provinces of sole tarai districts and then increasing the influence to such an extent as to be able dictate these provinces as per need . As the Madheshi leaders are demanding for making Nepal a federation of multiple states and this is the second reason as to why it will make it very easy for the Indians to annex the plain federal states. The third plan of the same doctrine is to make Nepal a failed state and then annexing the entire Nepal into India. It depends on all the patriots of Nepal as to the failure or success of this Indian design and we should all remember that United we stand and Divided we fall.
    Public sentiment:
    All the districts in the proposed No 5 Province have been agitated after PM Dahal registered the constitution amendment bill. The resentment and antipathy towards this amendment can clearly be seen by one and all as there was a human sea of protesters in Butwal. People are against secularism, federalism and also against republic. The leaders are trying to impose foreign agendas on the Nepali people. We have to understand that the present problem is not only the problem of the people in No 5 province but a threat against our sovereignty, unity and independence, and a threat to the existence of Nepal as well. Therefore, this is the time for all the Nepalis to be united and stand together to destroy the Indian design. This is also the time to be united to punish the nation’s traitors.
    Let’s work together to annul the present constitution and restore the 1990 constitution to ensure our sovereignty, independence and national unity. Let’s scrap the byproducts of the 12-point Delhi agreement.


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