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Again 60-year age limit in civil service

  • Published on: December 13, 2016

  • By Our Reporter
    The government is now working to increase the compulsory retirement age for the civil servants to 60 years from 58 years.
    The government had included the plan to increase the retirement age to 60 years in its budget speech of fiscal year 2014/15. However, the revision regarding to this provision has not been made yet owing to opposition from certain section of the society.
    However, after the Public Service Commission recommended for the increase of the retirement age in its annual report presented to President Bidya Bhandari on Friday, the government is mulling the issue over again. If all goes as planned, the civil servants will receive compulsory retirement only at the age of 60.
    However, the provision of the age limit of 60 years will not be new for the civil servants of Nepal. Prior to the political change of 1990, the civil servants used to retire only after completing 60 years.
    Then prime minister Girija Prasad Koirala had abruptly reduced the retirement age for the civil servants to 58 years with ill-intention of giving promotion to the employees loyal to Nepali Congress.
    His decision then faced strong opposition from the then main opposition party, the CPN-UML. The country suffered a lot from the employees’ movement. Even Koirala’s government nearly collapsed due to the decision. The decision taken by late Koirala is blamed for weakening Nepal’s bureaucracy.
    Now 24 years after the unscientific decision, the government is again planning to increase the retirement age as it was unable to pay the pensions to the retired employees.
    Above all, the civil service has been deprived of experienced hands due reduction in the retirement age. When the life expectancy of the Nepalese has increased significantly in the last two decades, increasing the age-limit looks relevant.
    If the government increases the retirement age of the civil servants, the retirement age of the employees of the corporations and councils and banks will also increase.


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