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Dahal’s worry

  • Published on: December 13, 2016

  • By Our Reporter
    These days, Prime Minister Pushpakamal Dahal has started to feel that they may lose the “achievements”. He has seen serious threats to federalism and republic. Unfortunately, he has not seen the threat of losing sovereignty and independence of the nation. Dahal is performing total surrendersim to India and trying his best to fulfill the Indian vested interests.
    Dahal, who always used big words about nationalism, has proved himself as a pure pro-Indian leader. He wanted to amend the constitution not for the Nepali people’s betterment but to please his Indian bosses. He talked much about Nepali communalities’ identities but never talked about the identity of the nation. Even other communist leaders have accepted Daura-Surwal as the national dress, Dahal has neglected it. He demonstrated his identity by wearing suit with a Nepali cap without a necktie. Of late, Dahal has started to wear necktie also. When one Indian Yaga guru Ramdev was in Birgunj on his personal business mission, Dahal, executive prime minister of the nation, also reached there to get blessings from the Yoga guru. When Ramdev asked him to perform yoga, Dahal was seen there in suit also with a necktie. It was very much odd to see Dahal doing Alam-Bilam in suit.


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