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Finally, back to Mangalman

  • Published on: December 13, 2016

  • By Our Reporter
    Now, the leaders of the major political parties are planning to hold the local bodies’ elections to give the message that the constitution is in the process of implementation. As the NC and MC efforts to amend the constitution were failed, the leaders of the three big parties have planned to hold the local bodies’ elections by keeping impending the constitution amendment bill. If the Madheshi Front receives green signal from the Lainchour palace, there is the possibility of holding the local body election.
    To recall, for complete implementation of the new constitution promulgated last year, three elections – local bodies, provincial and House of Representatives – have to be conducted before 21 January 2018. However, without resolving the dispute of the provincial boundaries, there is no possibility of holding the provincial election.
    While conducting the local body election too, the major three parties have decided to hold the election as per the old structure by discarding the recommendation of the Commission for Restructuring Local Bodies. The old structure was introduced by King Mahendra and the leaders were unable to find other alternatives except from accepting the King Mahendra model. Again, political analysts have started to argue that if the political parties want federalism at any cost, the five development regions have to be recognized as the five provinces as the structure of the development regions is more scientific than the present model of seven provinces.


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