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Political dilemma continues

  • Published on: December 14, 2016

  • By Our Reporter
    nepal_-_0701_-_bozza_costituzioneThe Supreme Court has asked the government to give reasons for amendment of the constitution. UML has initiated the signature collection drive by collecting signatures of the MPs opposing the constitution amendment move to show that the government lacks two-thirds majority to endorse the amendment bill registered in the Parliament. On Sunday, Sher Bahadur Deuba held a meeting with ex PM KP Sharma Oli in which Oli said that the government should prepare for elections rather than engaging in constitution amendment. Oli also assured Deuba that if the government calls house for election preparation, then his party would not obstruct the House.
    On the other hand, after the lunch meeting at Lainchour and ambassador Ranjit Rae’s advice to the Madheshi leaders, the Madheshi parties who had previously not accepted the amendment proposal have become positive for the amendment of the constitution.
    Not to forget, India has not yet recognized this constitution. India’s concerns have been made public by the Madheshi parties — separating hill districts from the Tarai provinces; giving full rights to the naturalized citizens and recognizing Hindi as official language. The other concerns of India like giving Nepali citizenship to the Indians, representation in the legislative parliament on the basis of population, have already been fulfilled.
    India had helped the political parties to endorse 12-point agreement. India wants her share in the new constitution. Since signing of the 16-point agreement among the three big parties NC, UML and UCPNM and Bijaya Gachhadar, the major political parties promulgated the constitution by bypassing India due to which, India became very angry. Indian PM Narendra Modi sent the external affairs secretary as his special envoy to Nepal and the special envoy had asked the then PM Sushil Koirala, Oli and Prachanda to keep the constitution on hold for the time being. That proposal was also denied by them and the constitution was promulgated in this way hurting the Indians. As a result of this, we witnessed bloody agitation in the Tarai districts and also the country had to face five months long economic blockade.
    Different actors playing role behind the scene:
    Envoys from different countries gathered for a meeting to discuss on the derailed constitution amendment bill and its impact on Nepali politics. This is an indication that the European envoys have concerns on the present constitution and present political situation in the country. Secularism, federalism and republic are the concerns of the Westerners. In other words, the Westerners want to promote Christianity and rule the country through religion. Also, the Westerners are trying to develop Nepal as their playground from where they can mobilize anti-China activities.
    To some extend, the Indian as well as the Westerners have the same mission, however, India wants her sole domination in the Nepali politics and she doesn’t like other actors becoming active in Nepal, including increasing presence of China, Nepal’s another next-door neighbour. Therefore, the Madheshi parties are launching agitation as per the Indian design.
    India has already kept Nepal at the same status as that of Bhutan and trying to make Nepal a Fiji and after that the Indian plan is to separate and annex Nepal’s Tarai land into India. The prime interest of India is to capture Nepal’s river as water is of utmost importance to India.
    India’s long-time investment on the Nepali leaders is for fulfilling her interests by using these power-hungry and money-hungry leaders. Presently, Sher Bahadur Deuba and Pushpakamal Dahal are serving the Indian interests. Not to forget, the present government was formed by India to achieve her interests in Nepal.
    As vested interests groups are active in Nepali politics, the cold war among these will continue and the political dilemma is likely to prolong further. In the meantime, instead of elections, there is the possibility of bloody communal uprising.


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