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What we expect from China?

  • Published on: December 14, 2016

  • By Our Reporter
    29102015084543nepal-china-flag-600x0China is closely observing activities here which are aimed at destabilizing China. Although the leaders are time and again repeating Nepal’s outstanding “one China policy” but in practice, they are serving anti-China elements.
    One such example is the meeting of NC president Sher Bahadur Deuba with the prime minister of the Dalai Lama’s government in exile in Goa, India. Deuba had attended a seminar where the Dalai Lama had delivered a video address. According to reports, both of them had stayed at the same hotel and they held a brief meeting. During the meeting, the Dalai Lama’s prime minister had demanded for treating the Tibetan refugees as Nepali citizens and granting identity cards to the new refugees and those kids of the refugees who are sheltered in Kathmandu. Furthermore, the free-Tibet leader had demanded the right for the Tibetans to carryout activities/demonstrations against China from Nepal.
    Currently, Nepal has become a transit point for the Tibetans — arriving here from Tibet, China and going to Dharamshala and other parts of India. Sources inform that some agents are assigned to influence the Tibetan citizens. They are found sending agents to Tibet via Nepal and giving attractions to the Tibetans saying that if they will escape from Tibet, they would be going to the US and different European countries and they would earn big amount of money along with better life. This has been done just to defame China. Those Tibetans influenced by the Western agents come to Nepal with Chinese travel document and after arriving in Kathmandu, they throw away such documents and go to India via land route. As the government has closed eyes on such activities, agents are trafficking the Tibetans to India. If the government will take initiative to tighten the security, such unlawful practice would be discouraged. Also, if deported to China or to the Chinese authorities, they would never dare to use Nepali route to go to India. But the Nepal government is not very serious and so the process goes on.
    When the Chinese PLAs recovered documents related to free-Tibet movement in Tatopani area, the Chinese authorities were compelled to close down the Khasha border. According to reports, in spite of Nepal’s request, China has shown reluctance in opening the Khasha border point. Mustang has been taken as a sensitive zone in carrying out free-Tibet activities. Both Indians and Westerners are found frequently visiting Mustang and Indians are found running different projects to influence locals there. Local people are frequently demanding to open the Korala pass to trade with China but the Chinese authorities are reluctant to open this pass as well. During certain occasions, the Chinese side opens the border pass for trade for a certain period. This year also, for one month, the Korala border pass was opened but when some activists were seen with the Dalai Lama’s posters the border pass was closed immediately. The important message to all of us is that if our government and also the people will neglect the security sensitiveness of China, our trade with China via these passes cannot be possible.
    On the one hand, our leaders are demanding to open more and more passes to trade with China, while on the other hand, the government is unable to check anti-China elements active in the Nepali soil. If the government will not try to understand the security sensitivity of China, it is impossible to open other passes except from the Rasuwagadhi-Kerung trade pass which is now in operation. The Nepal government is constructing north-south highway with the aim of opening more trade points with China but if the government will not be able to check anti-China activities in Nepali soil, opening of other trade routes will not be workable to trade with China, which can clearly be seen from the closure of the Khasha trade point even after construction of the dry-port by China.


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