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Wishing bloody conflict or peace?

  • Published on: December 14, 2016

  • Now, it is upto the political leaders whether they want to restore peace or invite a bloody conflict! One section of the leaders, specially, NC and MC, are trying to amend the constitution to please their Indian bosses. On the other hand, UML is taking strong stance against the amendment. UML leaders claim that separation of the Tarai districts from the hill districts is a long-term design of India of splitting Nepal’s Tarai , and is about to be fulfilled. On the other hand, Maoist leader and Prime Minister, Pushpa Kamal Dahal , and other leaders who are in favour of amendment of the constitution, state that amendment of the Constitution is a prerequisite for the implementation of the constitution. PM Dahal is often heard repeating that to unite Himal, Pahad(Hills) and Tarai, the amendment is essential. As to how he plans to keep the Himal, Hill and Tarai united, your guess is as good as mine. At the same time, Top Bahadur Rayamajhi , a prominent leader from the party led by Dahal is strongly against the proposal of separation of the Hill districts from the proposed No 5 province. Rayamajhi claims that PM Dahal is paying back to India the due for the support that Dahal and his party had bagged from India while endorsing the 12-point agreement. He recalled a dialogue between Dahal and Baburam Bhattarai that was held immediately after endorsement of the new constitution where he had bluntly told PM Dahal that to please the Indians, Dahal had decided to separate the hill districts from No 5 province. Earlier, when Dahal had opposed the plan of excluding the hill districts from the No 5 province, Baburam Bhattarai had strongly warned Dahal not to betray their masters from India. Now, when Dahal is the PM due to the initiative of Delhi, he has attempted to amend the constitution as per the Indian wish.
    NC president Sher Bahadur Deuba, who also wants to get the favourite status from India, is supporting Dahal on this move. Bhattarai is satisfied from Dahal’s efforts to exclude the hill districts from the proposed No 5 province. Along with the 12-point agreement that was endorsed in Delhi under the initiative of the Indian external affairs ministry officials and the intelligence officials, the political leaders had totally surrendered to the Indians. At the present it looks like that the leaders are trying to fulfill their commitments made to their Indian bosses while signing the 12 points agreement. Let me remind you that as per the earlier commitment, the leaders, unanimously amended the citizenship law and distributed citizenship certificate to 4.2 million Indians immediately after the 2006 April uprising. The present constitution amendment plan is also the result of the 12 point agreement and various secret treaties.
    The million dollar question is will all the problems be solved and will the constitution be implemented after the constitution is amended ? Right after the registration of the amendment proposal by PM Dahal, we have all witnessed human sea of protest in Butwal and have seen similar protests in all the other concerned hill districts. Not only the UML cadres but also NC and MC leaders and thousands of their cadres have been participating in demonstration against Dahal’s amendment. It is quite odd that the lower cadres have decided to go against the party decision which claims itself to be very disciplined and united. Not only the lower cadres but also leaders like NC leader Chandra Bhandari has strongly opposed the constitution amendment proposal. Likewise, Defence Minister and close aide of Deuba, Balkrishna Khand has opposed the constitution amendment proposal saying that for him the post of a minister or the MP is not a priority.
    Till this date it is surprising that there has been no violence even in such powerful demonstrations. Let us hope that this trend continues and we will not have to return to the 10 years period. However it is very surprising that our PM Dahal is still saying that after amendment of the constitution, it will be acceptable for all the Nepalis. PM Dahal is trying to impose anti-national decision as per the biddings of his Delhi bosses.
    It is very clear from the present agitation in the proposed No 5 province that the people are against the present constitution. People have as yet to accept the main structures of the constitution – secularism, republic and federalism. I believe that Referendum is the best way to resolve this dispute. And the people are bound to accept the result of such a referendum but the leaders, instead of holding referendum in disputed issues, are trying to impose the foreign agendas against the people’s aspirations. A point to note is that many of the leaders who were defeated in the constituent assembly election, are luring and lauding the Madhesh agenda. In fact, they, in the name of Tarai people, are carrying the Indian agenda. Those leaders discarded by the people are deceiving the real Tarai people. Every citizen having a citizenship is a brilliant idea but if distributed to the Indians, the rights of the true Tarai people will be exploited by the new citizen holders.
    Another thing is that even if hundreds of amendments are made in the constitution, this constitution is never going to be accepted by the people of Nepal and neither, will the constitution guarantee peace and prosperity in the country and nor will it be able to safeguard national sovereignty and independence. Instead, it will invite communal disharmony and bloody conflicts among the Nepali people . The political instability will further enhance that foreign forces to become even mote active. Therefore the present leaders of the day, if they love their motherland, should make a strong move to abandon the constitution as a constitution is not more important than the existence of a nation. Therefore this is a sgtrong warning for the present day leaders that they should be very aware of the fact that they are about to write their names as Traitors of NEPAL!


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