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22nd science exhibition of Galaxy public school

  • Published on: December 21, 2016

  • The vice chancellor of Nepal Academy of Science and Technology (NAST) Pro Dr Jeevraj Pokhrel stated that due to the lack of investment in the science and technology sector there has not been much progress in this sector of our country.
    Inaugurating the 22nd science exhibition of Galaxy public school he further stated that from ancient times Nepalese were very active in the field of science and technology.
    Pokhrel gave the example of Patan’s Krishna Mandir which has withstood countless earthquakes in its 300 years old lifetime.”
    MP and the chairman of the schools management committee Gita Chhetri said that the school has been organizing this science exhibition every year taking into consideration the fact that the theoretical knowledge gained by the students in the class rooms should be implemented in their daily life.
    She further elaborated that the school’s aim is to teach the students theoretical as well as practical knowledge and skills.
    Speaking at the same function the acting Principal of the school Surina Sunyani Gurung in her welcome speech stated that there were 270 rooms for this exhibition. At the same function Parahyani Sharma speaking on behalf of the students mentioned that the students from nursery to class 10 had tried to exhibit the theoretical scientific knowledge into practice.


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