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Dahal, Deuba keen to serve Delhi even at the cost of a bloodbath

  • Published on: December 21, 2016

  • By Our Reporter
    NC supremo Sher Bahadur Deuba and Maoist Center chairman and Prime Minister Pushpakamal Dahal are ready to amend the constitution not to please the Tarai people but to please their Indian bosses.
    By now, both Dahal and Deuba are also well aware that they are being used by India to fulfill the decades old design of India – separating all the tarai districts from the hill districts and then annexing the tarai land of Nepal by following the Sikkimization process. Many political experts knew that they had become the new avatars of Lhendup Dorje and dancing to the Indian tune which by now they themselves have realized
    This is not odd at all as the present government was formed under the Indian mission and now India is using Dahal and Deuba to fulfill its mission in Nepal. This can be seen by the very fact that UML took strong stance against separation of the hill districts in proposed No 5 province and when people from No 5 province were demonstrating and agitating from the very next day the constitution amendment bill was registered by these two leaders. PM Dahal is not ready to listen to this opposition voice, instead, he is planning to discuss the constitution amendment bill in the parliament by using Marshals against the UML and other MPs.
    The Madheshi parties which were opposing the constitution amendment bill saying that the amendment doesn’t address their agendas, after the lunch meeting at Laincour hosted by Indian ambassador Ranjit Rae  have become ready to support the amendment bill with condition. Of late, the Madheshi Front has decided to accept the amendment by saying that partial achievement has been attained in the course of separating all the tarai districts from the hill districts. Also, they have decided to continue their agitation to separate the rest of the tarai districts from the hill districts in No 1 and No 7 provinces. Besides this, they have also decided to continue their struggle to grant all the rights to the naturalized citizens and also to continue struggle to recognize Hindi as the official language of the country.
    If the amendment proposal will be disturbed by the UML or if the government will go for election without amendment of the constitution, the Front has decided to launch agitation in tarai districts, i.e. proposed No 2 province.
    Meanwhile, a group of UML leaders including Bamdev Gautam and NC leaders including Ramsharan Mahat have publicly remarked that to accept the federal modality was a mistake committed by their respective parties.
    Similarly, Narayanman Bijukche is frequently saying that secularism, republic and federalism were not the agendas of the People’s Movement 2 (2006 April uprising). Accordingly, Chitra Bahadur KC led Rastriya Jana Morcha has taken strong stance against federalism saying that federalism can split Nepal. But these voices have not been able to draw attention of Dahal and Deuba, who have totally surrendered to the Indians.
    Polarization of the political forces would surely invite a tussle, which will definitely lead the nation to a new bloody conflict.
    To conclude,we are in between the devil and the deep sea as there is no environment for an election and even if the constitution is amended for the second time, further political chaos will prevail in  Nepali politics. The present constitution cannot be implemented as evn those who have promulgated the constitution does not seem to be satisfied from the constitution as it was imposed in the vested interests of the foreign powers.


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