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Why do Madhesi leaders keep mum on border encroachment?

  • Published on: December 21, 2016

  • By Our Reporter
    19082015075959three_20150629023830_20150629032400-600x0Why do the Madhesi leaders keep mum about India’s border encroachment and the inundation of the fertile soil caused by the construction of barrages in the ‘no man’s land’?   It is really intriguing that the Madhesi leaders who have been demanding for the rights of the Madhesi people  do not dare to raise voices against the violations of international norms and practices by India.
    The Indian side has constructed dams along the Nepal-India border and several settlements of the Madhesi people get inundated during monsoon. But our Madhesi leaders do not speak in favour of the poor Madhesi people. There has not been any record of our Madhesi leaders who objected to the growing encroachment of Nepali soil by the Indian side. This is all because they are not Nepalese in true sense. They want to cause a division in the country to please their masters.
    Many of the leaders of the Madhes-based parties were not born in Nepal. They received Nepal’s citizenship by bribing the corrupt Nepali officials and climbed the ladder of politics over the years. Now the same leaders who do not hesitate to launch agitation against Kathmandu never speak a word against New Delhi even witnessing the injustice meted out by the latter against the genuine Madhesis of Nepal.
    No matter how loudly they speak about their nationality, Madhesi leaders show their true colours by not speaking a word against the rulers of New Delhi.


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