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Patriotism, nationalism and other political ideologies to build New Nepal

  • Published on: December 28, 2016

  • By Shambhu Deo
    image00141Patriotism contributes to nationalism. Nationalism is the most powerful ideology, which wins always against liberalism in their clashes. Liberalization, socialism, communism, democracy, republic, secularism, federalism for power and resource sharing are common ideologies and terms hitting political waves in Nepal. Nepal is prosperous in terms of patriotism, nationalism and political ideologies.  Currently these are unorganized and dismantled ceasing the national progress with baleful influence on national integration. An intensive effort is needed toredefine and recover nationalism with association of patriotism and other political ideologiesin Nepal to enhance national strength and existence.
    Patriotism is one’s feeling of attachment, commitment and love to own country. It is not regarded as a political ideology.Patriotism is more specific,which boom up as per the country’s requirement and keeping long indooragain.Patriotism roots back to some 2000 years prior to the rise of nationalism in the 19th century.Most of the Nepal’s security personnel and agencies, civil servant, retired and working employees of government, professionals, experts, civil society, different organizations, people and so on are examples of patriotic forces of a country. Extreme patriotism continuously for a long time creates nationalism. Nationalism in a simple view is that your own country is better than other countries. Nationalism is one’s devotion and loyalty to own country. Nationalism is a complex, multidimensional political ideology oriented towards achieving and maintaining communal autonomy. It came at forefrontas a moral debate and clashbetween various ethnic groups and the nations Rwanda, Yugoslavia and USSR. These two sides struggled to get political and territorial autonomy and not to leave the territory in the name of nationalism.Nationalism involves mainly two phenomenon; the attitude which raises questions on concept of an identity based nation, and about self-determination.Democracy and justice are also being included for a nation. Nationalismis the spirit or aspirations common to the whole of a nation. Majority of the population of different geographical regions, ethnicity, religious, cultural beliefs, occupations, are nationalists. Political leaders, cadres, workers and supporters are adopting various political ideologies. They are patriotic and nationalists but sometimes they can’t go beyond party instructions. There are many more Nepalese patriotic and nationalists residing in Nepal and abroad.
    Though none of the political party had majority in the Constituent Assembly, the CA once perceived rose up nationalism in recent time to promulgate the constitution in the midst of national and international hindrances. Nationalism is fragile now, immediately after promulgation of constitution. Political differences, obstruction of parliamentary affairs, demonstrations against and in support of the separation of number five province, demanding separation of other districts for province of Madhesh, and other political deadlock are some of the examples. There are many more political and nationalists groups continuously protesting the constitution based on political ideological and other demands. Some of them have strong reservations that the constitution is a potential threat to national integration and a means to put Nepal on others’ lap forever. These are very serious issues that must be sorted out on time. Observing one amendment in the constitution immediately after promulgation and other amendment in queue is making difficult to nullify the protestors’ claims.
    Common spirit and aspirations are not fully prevalent throughout the country. Various nationalist people and political groups are showing strong dissatisfaction on the constitution. They are struggling to find space in Nepalese politics. The differences based on region, identity, culture, religion, ethnicity, language, profession,and gender are badly floated. Some of Nepalese are unsatisfied with power sharing and are protesting against Nepal and its integration.Most of these unsatisfied peopleare nationalist and need to convince them with various means, methods, resource sharing, power sharing, and satisfying their other demands. There are various ways to bring out Nepal from this stagnated stage to a normalcy. Nepal has earlier come out of worse situation than this. Various blockades, natural calamities, royal massacre, imposed political activities and changes and so on.
    Previous experience of Nepal shows that in the bunch of political instability during previous tenure, the president occupied position for more than seven years three months and worked with five Prime Ministers and one Chairperson of the Cabinet successful to reelect Constituent Assembly. It kept stability in Nepalese politics. The reelected Constituent Assembly injected lifeblood to Nepalese politics. But converting Constituent Assembly into the Parliament to run the government did not result good and making Nepal immobilized and suffer. It has retarded Nepal and proffer the idea that political parties are power seeker and being blamed, they write in the constitution and bills whatever suits for their benefits.
    Nepal is fortunate to have elected president at present. The example of CA election holding government was a successful one. Though it was criticized being against the principle of division of power.  The criticism can be overcome. The parliament can pass a bill to provide policy-making role to the president with supporting mechanisms and implementation by a cabinet appointed by the president. The cabinet should include patriotic and nationalists people from retired government employee, civil society, professionals, experts and others to run the government, which is mandatory to implement the president’s policies.The parliament will be fully engaged in parliamentary affairs needed to prepare the bills and to amend constitution as and when required. The government will negotiate with the protesters in the presence of political parties to ensure and fulfill the appropriate demands and bring them in national mainstream. It will expedite the development and other government activities. One of the most important works of this cabinet will be to hold all the elections. Out of the worldwide accepted three level of representation, Nepal has to ensure the representation at the bottom level, that is village and municipality level immediately. The election at grass root level and resources to them can successfully manage expectations of millions of people and hundreds of thousands political cadres and workers. Those people will againcome into the national democratic activities and will serve the national survival and integration the most of all.
    Nepal is at such a position that none of the single sector can take out Nepal from here. All the sectors of Nepal need to join hands for motherland. Every unit of time passing is enervating Nepal. Delayed address may harm badly. A seed turn into a big tree after some time.Nepal Army, other security agencies, political parties, their cadres, civil societies, retired and working employees of government, professionals, experts, national and international media and others can support. Polarization of political parties and the provision of threshold to have less number of political parties is a disparate need of Nepalese politics. Polarization can be based on nationalists, those who were established in Nepal and others. These are the means tobring back out of fog, stand and accumulate the strength of redefined nationalism to leap forwardfor makingthe new Nepal. Unification of Nepal was a product of nationalism well strengthened by Nepal Army and other people to establish a strong nation to fight with the colonial British and to secure our prevailing religions and territories from the outsiders.
    (The writer is the senior agriculture extension officer in the Ministry of Agriculture Development. He can be reached at: [email protected])


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