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The Prithvi path for Nepal’s prosperity

  • Published on: December 28, 2016

  • By PR Pradhan

    pushpa-columnThe leaders of major political parties had planted the plant of poison since they endorsed the 12-point agreement in New Delhi. Since then, the country has suffered a lot. The King restored parliament distributed citizenship certificates to 5.3 million Indians by amending the existing citizenship law. The government led by the partners of the seven parties plus Maoists, in the course of pleasing India, not only shifted the capital of Nepal to Delhi but also granted India for micro-management. In the past one decade of the “loktantrik” rule, Nepal remained colony of India and the political leaders became slaves of the Indian rulers.
    The Indians, by weakening the patriotic forces as well as weakening the organs needed to support a sovereign nation, started to impose design one after another to capture Nepal forever. After distribution of the citizenship to the Indians, the country witnessed Tarai unrest in 2007. Today, the country is facing a deadlock in implementation of the constitution due to the act of those India puppet leaders who had inked an agreement with the then agitating leaders in Tarai. On 28 February, 2008, the parties in the government had signed an eight-point agreement. The parties in the government had accepted the demand of the agitating Madheshi forces for recognizing “autonomous one province” by including all the Tarai districts.Girija Prasad Koirala, Krishna Shitaula, Madhab Nepal, PushpakamalDahal and BaburamBhattarai, main leaders of the seven parties and Maoist led government, are responsible for doing such an anti-national act. Today, at least, the UML leaders have realized that the demand of the Madheshi parties is not the demand of the Nepali Tarai people but this is the India sponsored demand and the Madheshi parties are serving the Indian interests rather than the interests of the people residing in Tarai districts. UML chairman KP Oli believes that the Madheshi leaders were not satisfied from the No 2 Province and they are now demanding for excluding all the hill districts from the No 4 province. Even if the demand of the Madheshi parties is fulfilled by excluding the hill districts from the No 4 province, the Madheshi parties will not be satisfied as they are demanding to include Jhapa, Morang, Sunsari, Kailali and Kanchanpur in the two provinces in Tarai districts. If fulfilled the other demands including those related to the citizenship and representation on the basis of population then always the Tarai based parties or say India-puppet parties will be in the leading role in Nepal and Delhi will rule over Nepal through its puppets. This is similar to the Fiji model. The Indian design is clear that India wants to dominate the Nepali population by the migrated or new Nepali citizenship holding population. We understand, India needs water and to capture water from Nepal, she is eying on big rivers. If the Tarai districts are separated from the hill districts, it will be easy for India to divert Nepali rivers for irrigation in the Indian soil. The Indians believe that it will be easy for them if there will be separate Tarai provinces in Nepal. Another reason is that India wants to keep the Tarai provinces as the buffer zone for the security of India. With these two prime concerns, Indians gave birth to the Tarai parties. Today, it has become clear that the “revolutionary” Maoists were the product of the Indians and we have no doubt that the leaders of the Nepali Congress are more loyal to the Indians than the nation and the people.
    Of late, UML has understood the Indian conspiracy against Nepal. However, it is too late and the situation is in such a worst stage that the present constitution, even after amended for 100 times, the constitution cannot function. For us, there is no light at the end of the tunnel. Therefore, rather than spending time for making efforts to pave the way for an outlet, it is better to return from the present point of deadlock. The country cannot get rid of the crisis from the present day leaders as to save the nation, independence and sovereignty, a strong leader is needed. The Nepal Army is the last hope. Already, commoners have started to laude, “come Army, save the nation”! How have the Nepal Army taken such appeal of the commoners, we are unaware, however, the Nepal Army should do something. Perhaps, initiating a coup by the Nepal Army and formation of a partyless government represented by the civil-society members having clean and patriotic image backed by the Nepal Army could be a proper solution for the time being. It sounds odd to talk about such things by a person like me having belief on democracy (not loktantara), but there is no other options left for us to save the nation. Also, there is no other option except for accepting the 1990 constitution, which has provided space to all forces.
    It is unfortunate to state that the so-called loktantra-walhas have discarded the contribution of King Prithvi Narayan Shah the Great, They have even removed the decades old practice of observing national unity day on the birth anniversary of the Great king on 27 Pous. They have cut-down national holiday on that day, instead, they have introduced many unnecessary national holidays. The fact is that the path paved by King Prithivi Narayan Shah is the appropriate path for prosperity of Nepal and the Nepali people. As we have tried to discard the contributions of those patriotic people, today, the nation has become the playground of the foreign elements and we are inviting many challenges and threats to the nation and the people on the whole.


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