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Nepali documentary nominated for best short movie

  • Published on: January 18, 2017

  • The Nepali documentary film ‘Nepal Earthquake Heroes, Survivors and Miracles’ has been nominated in the category of best short movie at Asians on Film festival, America.
    According to the producer Sharada Gaire, the film is taking part and competing in four different international film festivals in the month of January this year.
    The film has been exhibited at the International Film Festival of Nepal in Dharan on January 14, Rajasthan Film Festival in Rajasthan on January 16, Dhaka International Film Festival in Bangladesh on January 17 and will be shown on Asians on Film festival in Los Angeles, America on January 21.
    Based on the struggles of Nepalese who were able to survive the earthquake, the documentary was successful in winning the best documentary film award at Shimla International Film Festival, India.


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