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Qualified person can easily survive in nepali music industry

  • Published on: January 18, 2017

  • ganeshGanesh Parajuli born in Illam, Fikal 3, is a popular name in Nepali music industry. He is a singer as well as a music composer. Ganesh has sung and composed more than 100 songs and is still very  active in  musical field. He has sung and composed some hit songs like ‘Timilai apnau bhanera’, ‘Suna maya jadai chu tada’, ‘Maya phool ho’, ‘Din dhalyo adhere raat ma’, ‘Timi chau pari’ etc…For the past four years he has been performing in various musical shows in Hong Kong and now is very busy with his new Album ‘Sahayatra 2’. Below is a short interview with Ganesh Parajuli by Kushal Thapa.

    Q. What made you come to the Nepali music Industry?
    Ans: When I was a child I was very interested in singing and used to love listening to music. In Illam there was a musical environment where everyone used to sing and I was very inspired by that.  Later I was so into music that I learned classical singing in “Prayag Sangeet Samiti, Allahabad, India” and completed my diploma in music which took me about six years. After that I came to Nepal and started singing in Radio Nepal and in Nepal television. I recorded and composed my own songs, launched albums etc… so that how it all started.

    Q. I know the Nepali music industry is not that easy. What are the hardships you’ve faced in this music industry?
    Ans: Like the saying goes “Where there is a will there is a way”. There were many hardship and obstacles in this industry but if you really desire something and give your 100% you will definitely achieve it and that’s what I have done. In the beginning I struggled a lot and I still am. But I should take things as it comes. I should think it as my life’s journey and have to take it easy.

    Q. Do you think the Nepali music industry should improve and how?
    Ans: Everything should move with time and situation, so should our Nepali music industry. So I believe it should improve. To improve this industry I believe that music should be introduced to children from a very  small age, it should also be included in schools or there should be special music schools. The copy right system should be made stronger and piracy should  be completely stopped.  The government should also help the Nepali musical industry to get better. But I have seen a lot of improvement in this industry  and hope it will get better in the years to come.

    Q. So far how many songs have you composed and sung?
    Ans: I have sang and composed more than 100 songs so far. I have sung in Radio Nepal, different programs TV programs and events.  I even have launched 3 albums. My first album was ‘Gau ko Maya’, after that was ‘Saha Yatra’ and my last album was ‘Furshad ma’. Now I am about to launch my latest album ‘Saha Yatra 2’ which will be out in the market pretty soon. Some famous songs of mine are ‘Timilai apnau bhanera’, ‘Suna maya jadai chu tada’, ‘Maya phool ho’, ‘Din dhalyo adhere raat ma’ etc…

    Q. Does anyone else sing in your family?
    Asn: My wife Yashoda Parajuli and I  sometimes  sing together. She is also a good singer and is well known singer in Nepali music industry as well. Even my daughter Nirjala Parajuli sings . She has also released an album ‘Balpan’ when she was just 12 years of age.

    Q. What plans do you have for the future?
    Ans: Right now I am busy with my fourth album ‘Sahayatra 2’, first I want to launch the album as soon as possible, that’s my plan right now. Later I want to open a music school in Nepal and share the knowledge of music with others and I will keep on singing and supporting Nepali music for many years to come.

    Q. How come your songs are so popular among  the people?
    Ans: I love music, I am very dedicated and passionate about music and I practice it everyday. Until I’m satisfied with my music I keep on recording. First I listen to everything carefully and when I like it somehow the audience like it as well.

    Q. What do you want to say at last?
    Ans: Nothing in life is easy. Music also is not that easy though it looks easy. To be a good singer or musician, one should practice it every day and be disciplined. Music   teaches a lot of things. It has the power to bring a change. So I would encourage people to listen to music, not only Nepali but different types of music. For me music is everything. I love listening to music and I love singing. So people who are interested in music shouldn’t take music as their second option because for me music has been my bread and butter. Not only that but in a city as expensive as Kathmandu I have been able to build a house only through my musical income. So those interested in music should not give up hope. If you really give your 100 % you will definitely be successful.


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