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‘Bhagye le Bachekaharu’ wins at RIFF 2017

  • Published on: January 25, 2017

  • image001The documentary ‘Bhagyele Bachekaharu: Nepal Earthquake Heroes, Survivors and Miracles’, directed by Ganesh Pandey, has won the Best International Director Award at the third Rajasthan International Film Festival (RIFF), which concluded on Wednesday night.
    Somendra Harsh, director of the film fest, hailed director Pandey for his courageous act to film a documentary putting his own wellbeing in stake during the time of the quakes. He also said that the film fest will prioritise Nepali films in the years to come.
    Prior to this, Bhagyele Bachekaharu, a successful Nepali documentary in the international film festival circuit, has won over a dozen awards and has been screened in more than 32 countries.
    The film is also competing at two different film festivals, Asians on Film Fest and Dhaka International Film Festival, the result of which will be announced this week.


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