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Big three each get their ‘man’ in the EC

  • Published on: February 1, 2017

  • By Our Reporter
    The government has finally filled up the three vacant posts of the election commissioners. However, the big three parties divided the post of commissioners among them with each party recommending their ‘man’ to the crucial post.
    A meeting of the Constitutional Council (CC) Friday recommended Ishwori Paudyal, Narendra Dahal and Sudheer Kumar Shah–as commissioners for the Election Commission.  With the appointment of these three former bureaucrats, the EC will get a complete shape.    Currently, Ayodhee Prasad Yadav and Ila Sharma have been working as chief election commissioner and commissioner respectively.
    Paudyal, the  former defense secretary, was backed by Nepali Congress. Likewise, Dahal, who served as secretary at the Election Commission was backed by UML. As leader of the main opposition is a member at CC, the main opposition party got Dahal as its representatives in the EC.
    Likewise, Shah who was head of the Peace and Security Division of the Home Ministry, was backed by the Maoist Centre.
    Though the EC should have independent commissioners, the major political parties have divided the post among them. When the commissioners are appointed on the basis of their political leaning, one cannot expect fair act from them.
    The political parties in Nepal have developed a bad habit of appointing the political activists in the constitutional bodies, universities and even colleges, and courts.  The big three divide the posts among them and appoint their men as if the political parties enjoy all the authorities of the government.


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