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Dahal successful to stop President Xi’s visit?

  • Published on: February 1, 2017

  • By Our Reporter
    Everybody knows that Prime Minister Pushpakamal Dahal is the leader who says one thing and does another. Many times, he said in public that he was keen to organize the visit of Chinese President Xi Jinping in Nepal. PM Dahal went to Goa, India. The main agenda of Dahal was to meet President Xi, who was there to attend the BRICS Summit. At the meeting, Dahal had made special request to President Xi to visit Nepal.
    BN-KB739_xi1_M_20150830213726Everybody knows, this coalition government is made in India. Everybody knows, the hidden interest of formation of this government was to cancel the long awaited visit of the Chinese supreme leader by India.
    President Xi was all set to visit Nepal on his way to Goa to attend the BRICS Summit in September, 2016. When the then KP Sharma Oli led government was busy in fixing the visit date, this NC-MC alliance was developed. The then prime minister KP Sharma Oli had requested Dahal to allow him to continue the government until the visit of Chinese supreme leader takes place, but Dahal didn’t wait. To fail the Oli led government before the visit was to cancel the scheduled of President Xi’s visit. On his way to Goa, President Xi didn’t visit Nepal but visited Bangladesh and Nepal missed the opportunity to host the Chinese supreme leader.
    Now-a-days, PM Dahal is learnt to have saying to his closed aide that President Xi is not coming to Nepal. It has given a good message to India, Dahal was sharing his satisfaction from the message he has received about the visit with his close aide in the party high-command. Whether President Xi is visiting Nepal or not, there is no official information neither from Beijing nor from our government. Nevertheless, unofficial sources had informed that President Xi was scheduled to visit Kathmandu in September and after change in the government here, the visit was cancelled.
    No homework at all:
    After PM Dahal extended invitation to President Xi in Goa, the Chinese side was considering to organize the visit. Different high-level delegation visited Nepal in preparation of the visit but none of the delegations were satisfied from preparation of the Nepal government.
    First of all, China had wished to ink the agreements made during the then prime minster KP Oli. The agreements are yet to be signed and the Nepali side has not done homework on such important agreements.
    Furthermore, the present government has learnt to have declined to respond the Chinese security sensitivity, observers say.
    The present coalition government started to discourage Nepal-China relations by giving special priority to India. Foreign Minister Ramsharan Mahat visited Delhi for five times but he has not visited Beijing once.
    Deputy Prime Minister and Home Minister is of the view that there is no need to look towards north by creating suspect to the south. He is known as India confidant leader in the NC.
    Furthermore, Minister Mahat, with the fear of India, has denied to speak about Nepal’s stance on China’s “One Belt One Road” initiative. Nepali intellectuals close to the government are putting pressure to the government to take benefit from the OBOR initiative of China but there is no response from the government’s side.
    Recently, local intellectuals had organized a seminar on China’s OBOR initiative. Mahat was the chief guest at the function. The organizers were expecting Nepal’s viewpoint on OBOR initiative but Mahat escaped from the program without speaking on OBOR initiative, from which intellectuals were dissatisfied from Mahat’s attitude.


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