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MP Mohan Bahadur Basnet’s lucrative business

  • Published on: February 1, 2017

  • By Our Reporter
    Where is NC-MP Mohan BahadurBasnet busy these days as the Tatopani-Khasha trade route has remained closed since the devastating earthquake on 25 April, 2015!
    hqdefaultEverybody knows that Basnet’s main source of income was smuggling in the border trade with China. . Even during closure of the border trade from Tatopani, Basnet’s income source has not decline, according to sources.
    Sources inform that Basnet’s main business is smuggling goods from Khasha and his covert business is illegally trafficking Tibetans from Khasha to Kathmandu by taking hefty amount of commission from the Dalai Lama’s brokers. By influencing the Home Ministry, Basnet always deploy those security officials from Nepal Police, Armed Police and immigration office who are ready to cooperate with him. Basnet is found trafficking Tibetans by transporting them in the government vehicles with the support of the government security personnel from Barabise to Kathmandu.
    Understandably, after the Chinese officials recovered free-Tibet related documents from Barabishe and Tatopani areas while carrying out rescue operation after the devastating earthquake, the Chinese side has closed down the Tatopani-Khasha trade point. People like Mohan Basnet are responsible for developing these areas as the hub of anti-China activists. Therefore, such people are responsible in the closure of the Khasha trade point.


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